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Tips on Renovating Children's Bedrooms

When you’re designing a bedroom for adults, all you need to think about is the aesthetics, the atmosphere, and the comfort. After all, adult bedrooms are mostly used for relaxing and sleeping. For children’s bedrooms, however, it’s a different story. Children play everywhere, even in their rooms, and they can get pretty rowdy especially when the adults are not around. That could be dangerous if you don’t plan the room right.

Here are some tips on renovating a children's bedrooms.

Safety, safety, safety.

Your first priority should be safety, so make sure that in rooms for really young children (3 and below), there will be no high surfaces that they can climb unsupervised -- that includes bunk beds. Make sure too that any surface that they do need to climb like a bed and a chair have a reasonable height for your children to prevent injury.

Children's Bedroom

Make sure there is plenty of space.

Younger kids, whether they are on a sugar high or not, may run around a lot even in their rooms. A cramped room may pose a threat to their safety as they are more likely to hit parts of their bodies on solid objects accidentally. Table corners and bed posts are some objects that can hurt an energetic child.

Make sure you have enough space in the room to give the kid space to play. Adding furniture that have built-in storage like beds will provide your kid enough space to put their toys in. Plenty of shelves will do wonders too as their toys, clothes, and books can be stored there. Plus, you can teach your kid about being organized too. The more clutter they place in those storage spaces, the less clutter will be there to potentially cause them injury by steeping on them or tripping over them.

Choose a sturdy bed.

No matter how many times you tell them, we all know kids will still jump on beds. It is inevitable, so you might as well take that into consideration when renovating their room. Make sure you get a sturdy bed made from either hardwood or metal. Also make sure that the bed has a solid base to support all of that jumping.

Involve the kids.

Planning on renovating a children’s bedroom will be more fun if you actually involve your kid in making decisions, especially in the design of the room. Ask them what colour they want for their walls, what design they want for their bed, and what types of decorations they want for the room. Involving them in the process gives you insight on what type of room would please your kid. In fact, why don’t you let them take care of the look and feel of the room while you handle the details and the safety aspect of the project.

photo credit: Amy Gizienski
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