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Clean Your House in 10 Minutes

Gone are the days that we can still stop to smell the flowers. In today's fast paced wold everything has to be done as quickly yet perfectly.

In every busy households plate is a never-ending clean up and organising to be done day in and day out. Kids going to school, preparing the food, entertaining casual visitors and balancing work.

Just how do we keep up? Cleaning your house, as it cannot be postponed, can actually be done in as short as 10 minutes. How? take this Three-Step Approach to Cleaning

Eliminate, Organize, and Hide.

Ideally, your house is actually a one-bedroom apartment that you manage to keep clean on a regular basis.

But in any case, the following steps will get you where you need to be when you get that phone call from your mother, partner, or kids that starts off, "Hey, were home!"


Start by removing anything that remotely looks like, smells like, or otherwise acts like garbage.

This includes newspapers, food containers, food remnants on dishes, overflowing trash cans, and anything that really shouldn't be hanging out in your house. Replace old bags with new ones, and don't forget to recycle.

Quickly Clean Surfaces

The second half of the elimination phase is doing a quick clean of obvious surfaces. These might include your bathroom sink and mirror, dinner table, coffee table or kitchen counter.

And if you've got time, do a quick sweep or vacuum of floors where your guests will likely be hanging out, especially if you've got pets. Or if you, personally, happen to shed a lot.


Anything you haven't thrown out by this point should be neatly arranged if it's going to be in plain view.

This applies to cushions, magazines, making your bed if there's any chance of retiring to your bedroom, and putting dishes either away or at least into the dishwasher.

This is the part of the 10-minute clean where you're not really cleaning so much as using smoke and mirrors to convey the impression of a clean house.
So even if you really have a mountain of unwashed clothes or unsorted stuff, you still might have people commenting on how nice your place looks.


Do a quick visual scan of your area, and see if anything just simply needs to go. Shove it in a closet or unused room until your guests are gone and you can deal with it rationally.

This includes the guitar you never play, the shipping box you've been saving for whenever you need to send a relative something large through the mail, and your luggage from the trip you took late last fall.

Light a Candle and Relax

"Hide" also refers to mysterious odors that might be plaguing your house - so light a candle, or five - and if you've got a pleasant but not strongly scented one, all the better.



Finally, kick back, wipe your brow, fix a cocktail, and pretend like you've been reading a book all afternoon.

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  • Mini Clean

    Cleaning is never an easy task to do. It would really ask us to invest much of our time and effort. This tip can be very helpful especially to those who are busy working or even studying. Thanks for sharing this. Great Job!

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