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Cleaning that Counts

Are you selling your home? Are you expecting guests? Or do you just want to give your house a thorough clean? Everyone thinks of the same old jobs when cleaning, such as vacuuming, dusting, scrubbing bathrooms and kitchens, etc. However there are some very important cleaning jobs that get easily overlooked and forgotten, and yet it is these particular jobs that can make such a difference to the first impression that your home makes, and what it says about you. By following these easy steps, your house will look a lot more spick and span.

Let's begin with a very easy task, dusting. However this time when you dust you will be checking to see if any cobwebs are hanging from the ceiling, walls or in the bottom corners of the room? If so simply brush them away with a duster or broom.

dirty corner

Baseboards: another task that is so very easy to do yet makes a notable difference to a room is to dust or wipe the baseboards for a renewed cleaner look.

Beautiful Newly Installed Brown Laminate Flooring and Baseboards in Home.

Doors, Door Handles and Door Frames: keep the inside and outside of your doors free of dirty finger prints, dust and grime. Apply an all-purpose cleaner to painted doors with a sponge. Wipe the surface dry with a soft dry rag. Spray all-purpose cleaner onto a soft rag and gently rub the cleaner onto door handles. Wipe away excess cleaner with a dry rag. Wipe the surface of a varnished wood door with a small amount of oil soap, using a soft rag. Be sure to wipe the door in the direction of the grain. Buff the door dry (again in the direction of the grain) with a clean dry rag. Apply a small amount of brass polish to brass handles and buff with a soft rag. When cleaning door frames, pay special attention to the top of the door frame and any crevices in the wood, where dust and dirt may collect.

cleaning a door

Windows and Window Frames: If you want to impress, I believe having clean glass makes a great impression. This job is more time consuming, but it is best to break it down into sections. I like to start with the inside windows first, concentrating on one room at a time.

window cleaning

On a nice clear day clean the outside windows, starting with the windows that get seen the most. Fill a bucket or dishpan with warm water and add a small amount of the detergent and use a squeegee.  Start cleaning the window from the upper-left corner and drag the sponge straight down. Use a chamois or a dry rag to remove any excess water from the squeegee and start cleaning the next line until you reach the right side of the window. Don't forget to dry your squeegee with a chamois or dry rag after each stroke you've made. Otherwise, you will have visible lines on the window pane.

window cleaning

Venetian Blinds: Let's face it, this is not a fun task, yet there are ways to makes things easier. If you buy Venetian blinds, clean them regularly to avoid dusty build ups. To quickly, easily clean wooden Venetian window blinds that are really dirty, spray a soft cloth lightly with a commercial cleaning product that's made for wood. The product will clean the wood, help protect it, and, it will leave behind a kind of invisible shield that will keep dust from collecting on the slats so fast.

If your Venetian window blinds are really dusty and dirty, you can quickly and easily clean them by using your vacuum cleaner and a soft brush attachment. Place the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner hose and sweep across the slats in a horizontal motion. To clean the other side, again, simply use the adjusting rod to turn the slats over so the other side is facing you.

vertical blinds