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Clever ways to maximise small space

Needing to maximise a small space is a situation we will all run into at some point. Maximising a small space is all about being smart, resourceful and inventive. This is when you'll really need to manipulate furniture, objects, lighting and colours in order to make your area appear larger than it is. By following these simple tips, you'll be amazed at the ways it will transform your small space to appear much bigger than it really is!

Keep windows high 

By keeping windows high, you will be maximising wall to window ratio. This will give the illusion of larger wall space and thus maximise small space. Windows are really important in small spaces, as they let light in and brighten up any living space.

high-windows Pinterest

Hang art above eye level

On that same note, hang pieces of art just above eye-level. Hanging pieces up high will give the illusion of lengthy ceiling space.

how to hang art to maximise space

Go open-space 

Not such a secret, but still extremely applicable. Open-space living will maximise a small space and open up your whole area. It will also add flow to your living spaces, creating a relationship between rooms.

maximise small space by open plan living Pinterest


Mirrors for room

Adding a large mirror will give the illusion of adding visual space. Get inventive! Floor length mirrors will lengthen your walls and heighten your ceilings, whereas layering mirrors will add depth to your space.

layered mirror to maximise small space

Go white 

Having a white base will make the space feel lighter, and will give a base for furniture and accessories to really shine.

white walls to maximise a small space

Add colour and plants 

Adding colour and plants to your space will add further depth. Plants add life, just be careful not to go overboard and leave the area looking cluttered.

maximise small space with plants

Get smart with storage

When you have a small space, the last thing you should be doing is cluttering what little space you do have with bulky storage options. Get smart with your storage, and choose integrated units that are sleek and barely visible to the naked eye.

smart storage solutions Pinterest

Divide, don't wall

Say goodbye to walls that make rooms smaller, and opt for wall dividers. There's plenty of inventive options out there, that will still divide spaces yet still connect rooms visually

maximise small space with dividers Blood and Champagne

Even-toned rooms

Smooth, soothing even-toned rooms will give maximise small space, and give the illusion the room is bigger than it actually is.

maximise space with even toned rooms Pinterest

Use big furniture 

We know, it sounds odd! Using big furniture can actually make a room look larger. It's all about striking the fine balance of not being scared of filling up a small room, yet not going too overboard and leaving it cluttered.

maximise small space with big furniture

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