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Common Design Flaws

Lack of planning and inadequate budgets often lead to design mistakes. In order to assist renovators, we've noted common design mistakes to help prevent your renovation project be a waste of time.

ugly storageGo Easy on the Storage!

Having a walk in closet may seem fantastic but make sure you have enough space for it. Remember, your bedroom is your space - not your clothes space. Too little or too much storage clutters lives. If you have too much storage space, you might fill it with more clutter, but if you don't have enough, you may not have room for a growing family.
Sometimes, It is more efficient, beautiful and flexible-to-use cabinets, where the walking space is used for circulating rather than segregating closet contents."

Fresh Air ,Safety and Security

We need fresh air - that's not rocket science! Many people in industrialized countries get very little fresh air. Safety and surrounding air quality factor in, to whether we open windows and let natural air circulate. Privacy, noise and convenience issues, determine whether we open windows in our homes at all. Many older homes have windows painted shut from lack of use, and some newer home windows are nailed down to prevent potential home invasion. Sealed and shuttered windows create a safe feeling and can prevent drafts in colder climates, but they also pose a safety hazard when the need to escape from fire or other home emergencies arises. Concealed outer doors and windows -- sometimes considered safer due to being out of sight -- can become ideal spots for crime or illegal entry.

interior homeLighting and Natural Lighting

Lighting accounts for 25 to 40 percent of energy consumption. In addition to its health and financial benefits, natural light also provides an almost 'perfect white light' that has a number of visual benefits. Take advantage of natural light when possible by including windows strategically placed to maximize natural illumination. The warmth from the sunlight streaming through all those windows would be so much welcome in winter. Don't forget the matter of privacy. Consider the placement of windows and perform draft and privacy checks at different times of day. Having a neighbor's window too near your bathroom or bedroom windows may be a little too close for comfort. For when its summertime, when windows may need to be covered to keep temperatures down, make sure your household lighting is sufficient. Roof windows and skylights are cheap forms of lighting. LED Lighting Technology provides you optimum glow of needed light without creating much heat like its CFL counterparts.

Activity Rooms

You probably won't use a family game room if your family doesn't play games, and you won't want to spend time in a recreation room that looks like a museum. Keep it real about what works for you and what you already do, instead of what you could see yourself doing in a space.


Heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) is ideally a humble, hard-working and barely noticed element of the overall home. Unfortunately, issues of placement, upkeep and installation are common and often costly. Poor HVAC planning can lead to mould growth from too much moisture, white noise (or downright loud noise) and poor performance from a unit that is the wrong size for heating or cooling the area. If there's a lack of insulation or an inefficient placement of vents, residents can be hot or cold most of the time, which is a huge but preventable flaw.  Most people build the house, then get quotes on installing HVAC. This is the wrong process as you may not have left cavities for suitable ducts. Don't forget that more insulation should mean less requirement for HVAC. High ceilings, too many windows, too few windows and other design elements can add to heating and cooling costs.

Bathroom placement.

Placement, arrangement and number of bathrooms are considerations for growing families, and accessibility can also be a factor for aging families. In a split-level home in particular, up- and downstairs mobility is important, as is getting children and parents off to school and work on time each morning.There is cost in complexity. Woodwork needs shaping, floors need joining, carpets need matching, and windows and doors need custom-fitting. The more complex home designs become, the more there is for people to clean and cover.

Room for Growth

Whether your budget allows for a small or massive home, envisioning your preference for close-knit quarters or separate spaces gives some control over choosing a layout for the family dynamics in years to come. Considering where people will sleep, privacy they'll have, and even how young and old will get from one room to another prevents having to update or even move when needs arise. Creating a timeline of hopes and possible life changes, eliminates designs that won't age with a family and opens the door to a more flawless growth within your home.

AV cables

You wouldn't finish your bathroom then get it plumbed.  Similarly, you cannot finish your living area then ask to get it wired for sound and video - yet many people do.  Install high end AV cables designed for in-wall use before completing the plastering and painting.

Parents Retreat

You hear so many parents who wish they had included a "Parents Retreat" - they may have built before having children, or might have overlooked the need, but a little somewhere to get some quiet time without the rascals can be a highly valuable addition to the home!

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