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What to Consider When Renovating Your Bathroom

The bathroom may be small, but it can prove to be an incredibly complex and expensive room to renovate. In order to achieve success various tradesmen may be needed to coordinate efficiently and effectively to get the job done, and mistakes made can prove costly. Despite this a freshly renovated bathroom is one of the smartest ways to win over prospective buyers or renters of your home. As one of the most utilised spaces in your home if you add some appeal and improve functionality you're set to gain in a big way.

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Initial considerations

Determine the original dimensions of the room and the positions of any doors windows and skylights. Then determine what your new dimension will be and if you wish to change the positions of any of the doors, windows or skylights. Remember if you are making any serious changes to allow for extra time, cost and tradesmen.

Next decide if the bathroom is going to be part of a larger room or area (e.g. connecting to the master bedroom) or a self-contained space. If the bathroom is part of a larger space you're going to need to ensure there is continuity in style and design within the entire space.

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After this assess the materials used in the existing bathroom and whether or not you wish to change them. If you opt for your main material to be concrete you're going to have to investigate in additional services such as concrete cutting.

Finally  it's time to assess how much space you have to work within the walls, ceilings and under-floor areas. Depending on what you have this may affect the type, configuration and positioning of pipes, wires and fittings.


Cost Considerations 


Bathroom renovations can often become deceptively expensive. According to, basic bathroom renovations cost an average of $5,800. This price typically includes the removal of the existing bathroom, tiling, waterproofing and the installation of fittings and fixtures, including electrical work.

You should always make sure you're prepared for any unexpected costs that may arise during your renovation. To do this it's a good idea to factor in an extra 10% on top of the initial quote you're given.


Consider Hunting Online for Some High Quality Products at Decent Prices

If you're wanting to fully deck out the bathroom with all the bells and whistles (e.g. under tile heating, rain shower heads and heated towel rails) things are going to start looking very expensive. While bathroom renovators can provide you with a provisional sum in their bathroomware quote, I think you'll find you'll be better off sourcing your own products.

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Online stores such as the are the perfect place to start looking for some high quality products at affordable prices. With a wide variety of styles and finishes available you're bound to find products perfect for you.


Consider Getting Some Expert Advice

If you're not quite sure what you're doing don't be afraid to contact a professional to give you a helping hand. Examples of people you might wish to talk with include:

  • Architect, builder or interior designer
  • Integrated bathroom renovation service, project manager, builder
  • Plumber, spa/sauna expert, waterproofing contractor
  • Electrician
  • Carpenter
  • Cabinetmaker
  • Tiler/renderer/flooring specialist
  • Painter

Check that all the bathroom renovation professionals you engage are industry qualified, licensed and insured. Be clear on what you’re expecting each tradesperson to do before finalising contracts, handing over cash or beginning work.


Consider the Common Pitfalls for Renovators

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  • Organising tradespeople in incorrect order. This can result in skipped stages, revisits, extra work and costs.
  • Planning redesigns without considering crucial basics such as cavity space, concrete walls/floors/ceilings, existing plumbing and circuitry etc.
  • Buying fittings or fixtures without consulting the relevant trade professionals, resulting in unsuitable choices.


Choosing to renovate your bathroom is definitely tricky, but if done correctly, definitely not something you'll regret. Not only will you experience a heightened lifestyle whilst you occupy your home, but when it becomes time to sell up and move its a huge turn on for buyers. So remember to take your time and carefully consider everything when choosing to renovate your bathroom.

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