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Convert Boring Downlights to Exciting Feature Lights!

More and more downlights are being installed in homes all around the world everyday. In every part of the house, they have become more and more visible. They are simple and innocuous, which is what some people want for their lighting. However, if you have these downlights installed in your home and you have outgrown their bland look and how little they contribute to making your home look more cozy and warm, Nu Style Lighting offers a solution.

Nu Style Lighting Luminaries

Nu Style Lighting Luminaries is a line of products that offer conversion of existing downlight fittings. This line includes "Beauty Spot" fittings that bring elegance to a room by refracting white light, "Decorative shades" that brings a new simple and sophisticated dimension to existing light fittings, and hanging "Pendants" that radically change the look of a room with its chandelier-like whimsical design.



These light fittings still uphold the purpose of using downlights which is to provide an elegant contemporary look to any room. Over time, that original purpose started to become bland, and that's where Nu Style Lighting Luminaries come in. They're still simple, elegant, and contemporary, but they provide a much bigger statement than your average halogen downlight.

We all like to makeover our living areas every now and then - the simplest renovations are cosmetic.  You will be surprised how much you can change a room with new lights, wallpaper, new drapes, carpet and furnishings.  It can look like a completely different home.

Milano pendant

Easy to Install Yourself

Not only do the Nu Style Lighting Luminaries look great and almost magical, they are very easy to install as well. You don't need to get rid of your existing downlights. For the Beauty Spots and Pendants that include their own halogen lamps, you just need to remove the globes from your existing fittings and twist in the new fitting - they are designed to attach straight to the down light ceiling fitting.

Just attach those Decorative shades and you're done. It's a new and easy way to make your home more beautiful and it's just as easy as changing an ordinary light bulb. You don't need an electrician!

Nustyle pendant

Australian Innovation

The Nu Style Lighting Luminaries line is an Australian innovation. Nu Style Lighting made sure that these products comply to lighting standards and are fully tested.

3 thoughts on “Convert Boring Downlights to Exciting Feature Lights!”
  • Marian

    Could someone contact me about converting downlighting to pendant lighting?

  • kristy

    Hi i have recently replaced downlight to hanging pendants but they seem to be to heavy and with no covering around pendant so can see in roof and was a down light before....can anyone help

    • Scott Pendlebury

      Hi Kristy - did you replace your downlights with these NuStyle pendants? If so they are supplied with ceiling roses to cover the old downlights. If not, it is difficult to understand what you mean - please elaborate

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