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8 Tips To Create A Glam Bathroom

 Thinking glam bathroom? Think sparkling fixtures and luxe materials with a restful but sexy polish and you have got the makings of a bathroom that oozes glam style. Glam does not mean gaudy, it is a look that’s polished, classy yet alluring. Would a modern-day Audrey Hepburn look at home in this room?  Here are 8 tips to help you get the glam bathroom look.


1 Dramatic Light Fixtures Forget simple, go for impactful, be it a chandelier, large scale pendant, or eye-catching sconces.


2 Richly Dressed Walls You need a dramatic colour, wallpaper or sparkly tile. These add immensely to the overall mood and can create a jewel-box feel, or depending on the colour scheme, a cooler glam effect.


3 Curvy and shapely accents With glam, think of accessories and hardware with a feminine frame of mind: curvy or mirrored accent furniture and accessories such as shapely perfume bottles that add interest to the decor.


4 Avoid White on White.. White walls, white fixtures, white towels create a clean, restful and spa-like vibe but they don’t shout glam. Lush jewel-tone hues, ripe pinks, rich creams and even black.


5 Add Metals Gold still seems daring, but it has been back in style for years now in bathrooms. The warm tones of brass and copper are coming back in a big way.


6 Luxurious Stone is the perfect choice. In relatively small space like a bathroom, gorgeous natural stone like marble and granite make a splashy,  glam impact whether it be for flooring or countertops.


7 A Big Dramatic Mirror  is a must. Reflective surfaces, shine and sparkle all contribute to glam style, and a big mirror will help you achieve this.


8 Soft Touches In a glamorous bathroom, display some tactile, softer elements such as very plush towels to contrast with the harder lines of the fixtures and finishes.


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