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Easily make your child's room grow with them

The first time a child laughs, the word home and family wraps around a four walled structure. Making a house a home definitely entails having a kid friendly room for that little bundle of joy to sleep/play/work and grow.

Design a sleep/play/work space that grows with your child. Your childs' bedroom is their place to sleep and their playroom, homework space and as they grow, where their friends hang out.


Creating your childs bedroom to be fun for them and one they will like is no easy task. Kids' tastes change as they grow. Making your kids' room transition through the years is finding a decorating theme that takes in all of your childrens' needs, while containing their clothes and toys. One of the best ways to make sure your children like their bedroom is by involving them in the creation and design of their own space. Before deciding on anything take some time to determine what your children like. Start off by asking your son or daughter: What is your favorite colour?

In addition, younger children may have a favorite character or animal. Older ones may be drawn to a particular place (such as the beach) that can be used as a theme. If you aren't sure, ask! Including your kids in the creation of their bedroom is one of the easiest ways to find a bedroom theme.
Children help mothrer to glue wall-papers
When creating a childs' bedroom, you want to get their input. However, remember that their tastes can change dramatically. One day they may be in love with unicorns and rainbows and the next, obsessed with the latest teen pop sensation. You can opt to have the major components of their room be more flexible so they transition as their tastes change.

For instance, pick a neutral wall colour and jazz it up with removable wall stickers or a border. When your child's favorites change, simply remove the border or stickers and replace them with the newest love. Or, keep themed decorations only on one wall. Then you can emphasize the room theme through accessories, which can be more easily, and inexpensively, changed.

Furniture will be where most of your expense will come from. Safety and quality are your focus when searching for beds, dressers, shelves and desks. How can you know if something is made well and safe? Start by looking and feeling the finish. Is it rough or uneven? You want it to be smooth to the touch. The safest drawers glide easily and have stops so they can't be pulled all the way out.

Any joints in the furniture should be strong. If the joints bear weight, they should have corner blocks to reinforce them. Finally, be sure that larger or taller pieces of furniture are firmly secured to the wall. If you have long bookshelves make sure they are supported in the center.

Organization and Room Arrangement

From toys and a play space to homework/study areas, your child's room needs to accommodate multiple activities. Start by knowing in what ways your son or daughter will use their room. If a separate play space is available, you don't need to store toys in their bedroom. The same holds true if a separate office or study space is used for homework. Remember that the easier you make the room's organization, the more likely they are to keep things neat.
Pull out trouser rack v2
Pull out wardrobe baskets and shoe racks are advisable as these also trains your child to put thins back where they got it from in easily accessible, no fuss racks. Smaller kids need easy-to-access storage for toys, while older kids require more private places for video games or homework. If you create a kids' bedroom with storage option that work for them, the less likely the room will end up messy.

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