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Creating the Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen

Looking for a way to add value to your home and add some entertaining space at the same time? One of the hottest trends in the world of home design right now is outdoor BBQ spaces. Imagine having a place where you could invite friends over and grill your favorite foods any night of the week. You'll also have plenty of space to host game nights and parties for your kids and their friends. You can toss a few sausages on the grill, experiment with fresh fruits and vegetables and you won't worry about party guests messing up your home. Before building your perfect outdoor kitchen, think about the things you must have for that space.

My Alfresco kitchenThe Grill

The most important thing that you need for your outdoor kitchen is the grill itself. While some homes get by with a small charcoal grill, having an outdoor entertaining space gives you more room, and you'll need something larger to meet the needs of your group. A six-burner grill provides enough space for cooking meats and vegetables at the same time, and you'll even have room leftover for your side dishes and desserts. The Sunco 6-Burner Outdoor Kitchen comes with a hot plate and wok burner that lets you whip up Chinese and Asian dishes, while its attached sink and cupboards make cleaning up and tucking away your tools at the end of the night easy. Consider installing some clever storage solutions from Elite into these cupboards to organise your utensils. 


Regardless of which grill you choose, you probably need to add a few countertops as well. Outdoor counters come in a variety of colors and designs, including counters made from granite or limestone. You typically want enough space for you and your kitchen helpers to move around easily without getting in the way of each other. Even if you have a large kitchen in your home, you need outdoor counters. No one wants to spend the night running in and out of the house to prep food during a party. 


An outdoor kitchen is only as strong as the furniture that you use in that space. What good is a large grill that can feed dozens of people if you only have chairs to fit a few people? You want to give your guests a comfortable place to sit and relax early in the evening, during dinner and after eating as well. Many people choose an outdoor table that comes with a 'leaf'. They can add that leaf to expand the size of the table and provide more seating space. You can add even more room with an outdoor sofa or couch and a few chairs. Make sure that you scatter the furniture around the space to encourage mingling among your guests.

Kitchen Accessories

Once you have the basics for your outdoor BBQ kitchen, you can make the space shine with some functional and beautiful accessories. Storage ottomans let your guests put their feet up or take a seat, and the top of these ottomans remove to reveal hidden storage inside. Placing a few platters near your grill helps you easily transfer food to the table, and you use those platters for serving drinks or appetizers too. Don't forget to arrange some great outdoor pillows on your chairs and hang some lights too. Even a few gorgeous lights added to your house will keep the party going long after the sun sets.

With the right items, your home can become the most popular one on the block. Use a grill, some furniture, a few counters and the right accessories to create an outdoor BBQ kitchen to turn your home into the ultimate place for parties.

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