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Kid-friendly DIY outdoor projects you should try

It's summer. The kids are on holidays, and you may be running out of ideas to keep them entertained. Now is the perfect time to get out in the backyard and start some great kid-friendly DIY projects. Here's a list of easy, cost effective projects that are sure to keep the kids happy and outdoors!

Kid-friendly DIY outdoor projects

A veggie patch

A kiddie-friendly veggie patch is a great family project that encourages lots of healthy behaviours. A veggie patch will teach your child the wonderful stages of growth, and have their efforts rewarded by harvesting home-grown produce.

Begin by choosing a sunny spot in the backyard. Dig soil and then add about two kilograms of compost or manure, mixing well. Easy plants to start off with include lettuce, beans, tomatoes, parsley, mint, cucumber and zucchini. Make sure you arm yourself with some pesticides, as well as remembering to water the soil rather than the foliage.

kid-friendly DIY task

Outdoor chalkboard 

A DIY chalkboard is another fantastic project that will encourage your children to get outside more. If you're making it yourself, start out by tracing a rectangle (you can go as big or as small with this as you like) on medium-density fibreboard. Cut it out, and apply a thin coat of white latex primer to the board. Then, use a painters brush or a roller-brush to apply two coats of black chalkboard paint to the board. Add a frame to the board, or leave free-standing and attach it to a flat surface in your backyard.

kid-friendly DIY chalkboard

A rope swing 

A rope swing is a delightfully simple kid-friendly DIY task that can deliver unlimited enjoyment. What you'll need? some rope (we recommend Manila rope), some finished wood as the base, and a sturdy tree! In terms of knotting the rope to the swing or around the tree trunk, we recommend a double running bowline knot. Learn how to do this simple knot here.

kid-friendly DIY swing Pinterest

DIY bird-feeder

This is a cute idea that will result in lots of little winged visitors in your backyard! It's incredibly easy, all you really need is rope, bird feeder (purchased from the supermarket) and a dish or any kind of feed holder you like.

kid-friendly DIY HenryHappened


Do you have any kid-friendly DIY projects that were a hit with your own children?! Let us know in the comment section.

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