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De-clutter your life in 5 easy steps

Do you find yourself holding on to clothes from 5 years ago that are now 3 sizes too small although one day you ‘may’ fit into them? Do you have piles of novels stacked up beside your bed because one day ‘soon’ you’re going to find the time to read them? Do you have piles around your room of bills, letters, shopping lists and birthday cards that are starting to take over your desk and your floor? It’s time to take the 5 steps of de-cluttering so that you can enjoy your bedroom as a place of resting and relaxation rather than a zoo of mess.


  1. Close your eyes and imagine going to sleep in a peaceful room with no clutter. Imagine waking up to a tidy floor, tidy desk and tidy wardrobe. Compare this to the feeling of waking up in a pigsty and sifting through your wardrobe in order to find your favourite jeans. De-cluttering your room only needs to take a few hours (depending on your hoarding abilities) however it can save you masses of time and patience in the long run.bedroom_clutter_

  2. Step back and start small. Look at your room as a whole. Find all the ‘organised’ piles of clutter and begin sifting through them. Don’t keep something that has been sitting around for 6 months that you have been meaning to touch. Start with a shelf or draw. Sorting one area at a time can clear your mental capacity and start the ball rolling.bedroom_messy_tidy

  3. Be brutal. Is it really important to you? If you can’t remember the last time you used/wore it – toss it. Try not to get caught up in the whole sentimental deal.renovation_storage_tidy_clutter

  4. Find a home for the important clutter. Try to make this home somewhere concealed rather than an open tray on your desk that will only build up with more.bedroom_clutter

  5. Make piles of trash and piles to give away. You will feel good about yourself when you can give something to a new home. It may encourage you to give more and more. Make sure the new home is not in another room of your house otherwise it will without a doubt make its way back.


Oprah Winfrey once did a wardrobe trial to decide which clothes she should and shouldn’t chuck out after a 6-month survey. In the beginning, every item was hanged in her wardrobe all facing left. When something was worn, it would be placed back facing right. Therefore, at the end of 6 months she was clearly able to see what she did and didn’t wear. Based on this, everything facing left was tossed.