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De-cluttering your cleaning cupboard  

Your broom cupboard gets used many times a day and there’s nothing more annoying than it bursting open on top of you every time you need to clean or sweep. By spending a little bit of time sorting it out, you will soon be bursting with excitement to get the vacuum out.

Broom cupboards are often very squished and compact spaces that store the majority of everyday cleaning products. Often a bigger mess can be made when opening your broom cupboard than the previous mess you had to clean up.


The first thing is to accept that probably not all your cleaning products are going to fit neatly into the one space. Consider spreading your items between two places so not to cause a headache every time you open the doors. A 6 inch cavity can be all you need for a broom, mop, cleaning products and cloths.

If you are planning a kitchen renovation or re-design, decide on what products you want to house where before you build the space.

Within your broom cupboard, customise it for your individual tools. Install a holder for your broom and mop so that they stay standing upright when you open the door. Even a nail in the wall will do the job.

Overhead shelving is perfect for big containers of cleaning products and powders however a simple step ladder may be necessary for reaching if really high and heavy.


Install a Fold-out Ironing board which will not only save you precious storage space but also valuable time.


A sub-divided cupboard also works really well for storing all your tools in the one space. A vacuum will often take up one side with your broom, mop and bucket in the other. With 2 cupboard doors, you don’t even need to risk your vacuum falling out on top of you when you open the single cupboard to grab your broom.


A wall mounted unit on the back of the cupboard door is great for storing extra cloths and frequently used bottles of products.


If you don’t have the room for a broom cupboard, a few hooks on the back of your pantry door can work a treat!


Or even place hooks on your laundry or garage to hang utilities.


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