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Declutter your home: items you need to get rid of

Do you find out you are swamped in a tonne of... 'stuff' at home? It's completely normal to become attached to things because of their sentimental value, but before you know it, you can become inundated with household items you don't have any use for. If you declutter and get rid of these household items that are likely to accumulate, your home will become one of clarity, cleanliness and peace!


declutter your home

We're talking about the ones you read years ago, that now sit there collecting dust and cobwebs. Consider ditching those books that haven't seen the daylight in a long time. You will free up some space, or it might even inspire you to buy your next beloved book. Other periodicals, like magazines, also have a habit of building up inside the home and wasting space. Go through your favourite ones, making sure you pull out any favoured pages of recipes or photos, and then throw the rest away.


Old technology and cords 

old technology

Over the years, we accumulate our fair share of technology and cords, before it comes unused. Declutter and get rid of any old technology or cords you aren't using. This will cut the time in half where you have to search for the exact piece you need.


Old clothes and shoes 


Do your good deed for the day, and clear out your wardrobe and donate it to your nearest charity. This will seriously de-clutter your wardrobe...and perhaps justify a big and fresh shopping spree! You can also use the extra space to store linen or towels if you're limited for space.


Old toys 

declutter childrens toysWhether they're yours, or your children's, you don't need old toys laying around that have outgrown their use. You'll always have the memories, and it's okay to keep one or two special momentos, but holding onto all of them is a great waste of space.


Un-used produce

kitchen declutter We're all guilty of letting the pantry or fridge build up with unused foods, and items that are fast approaching five years over their used-by date. Again, a good declutter will make your pantry or fridge easier to navigate. It will leave more space to properly view your food items, especially fresh food, ensuring less food wastage. If you're struggling for further room in your kitchen, a pull-out pantry could be a fantastic addition to your home. Have a look at our options here.

Do you have any decluttering tips that you'd like to share with our Renovator Mate community?! Comment your friendly pointers below.

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