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How to Decorate an Open Floor Plan

An open plan is any floor plan that makes use of large open spaces rather than smaller, enclosed rooms. This concept seems to fit beautifully with todays modern home designs. With one large area being utilised for multiple purposes - say both a living room and kitchen - it can often prove difficult to cohesively decorate the entire space. That is why we have some foolproof ideas to help spark your imagination and inspire you to tackle the challenge that is creating a beautiful and interesting open floor plan.

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Step 1: Separate the floor into several areas. Do this based on the purpose of each area e.g. living, dining, cooking etc. Consider using sliding glass doors, glass partitions or internal bi-fold doors. In doing this you are avoiding creation of opaque obstacles, and you can additionally maintain the abundance of light and spacious appeal of the area.


For example, to define try clearly defining the dining area through use of a rug. Place the table and all chairs upon the rug, and leave the area around the space clear. It will simply, yet effectively, set this area apart from the rest of the room.


Use Colours

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The colour palette is always crucial when designing any kind of interior space. Differing colours around your space can too be utilised to differentiate between sections in your open plan. Pick a colour that you like, and paint the walls in different shades of that same colour. This will allow you to maintain the same style and theme throughout the room, whilst additionally creating subtle boundaries. Just remember, don't go too crazy or your house will start to resemble Disneyland more than it should!


Try Utilising Windows

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The fact that the space is divided into different areas will be notable by using different windows. Try windows of different shapes and sizes. However, if you are looking for a cheaper alternative try placing different curtains on each one. For a matching, yet eclectic look, choose the same fabric and style window treatments, but in different colours.

Play With Lighting

Install one big light fixture over each area. Maybe try a chandelier in the dining room or pendant lighting in the kitchen. Then of course add smaller LED downlights throughout the entire space to ensure the entire space is well illuminated. Choose their placement, size and style carefully, because they will have a great impact on the overall cohesion of the open floor plan.


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Now add the final touches to your space. Its the small details that you incorporate that really make your house a home. Start by selecting a theme. Make sure it is maintained throughout the whole space, but use differing accessories in different areas. Hence, you can set it room on its own, but also tie them all together. Themes to try include wooden décor, abstract art pieces, or black and white photographs.

Use this valuable advice whilst designing your open floor plan to create an open, spacious area full of light and air. With some planning and a bit of creativity, I promise, you will succeed!

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