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Designing the perfect staircase for your home

When designing the perfect staircase, it is important to prioritise the needs and wants for your home. Storage opportunity vs. Minimalism, Feature vs. Hidden, Economical vs. Lavish materials. However, there are ways to combine the above and design your perfect passageway between floors.

Renovator Store has created a huge photo board of stair design ideas and examples. When designing a new house - think carefully about stair design. Stairs can be a defining feature for your home rather than just an access facility. Check out our PINTEREST STAIRCASE PHOTO BOARD for some real inspiration - just click on "See on Pinterest" below.

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Storage Opportunity

Staircase storage is one of the oldest tricks in the book to make use of otherwise wasted space and de-clutter your home. Whether you turn your staircase into a book shelve, wardrobe or even bike rack, there are many ways to maximise your space and be creative with what and how you store, or even display your possessions.


Feature Staircases

If you have the space and money for a feature staircase, it can serve as a central piece of art that leads its audience on a journey from one level to another. Size is not the key, nor is lavish decoration. Instead, interesting use of material and texture. The trending staircases of 2014 are of minimalist design and incorporate the use of wood, metals and stone.



What's under the stairs?

The often dead space under your staircase can easily be converted into a small bathroom, study or cosy nook, instantly adding value to your property and much needed extra space! How about turning it into a small kids play area where the toys can be left on the ground all day and no one has to ever see the mess!

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