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Designing a family-orientated home office

Whilst many people enjoy working in company surrounded by people and noise, others find it very distracting and difficult to get anything done. Your home study needs to reflect your personal study style. Whether you work from home, spend hours studying or just need a separate space to retreat to when you are on your computer, your home study area should be an optimal working environment for YOU.


For some, the luxury of a private study area is possible but for others, the home study may need to be shared by everyone. When designing your home study area, you need to think about each individuals study habits.

Home_Office_20 Home_Office_Renovation_Idea

Do people like to listen to music or do they prefer silence?

Will phone calls or private video conferences need to be held?

Is everyone neat?

If different answers are given to any of the above questions, you might need to consider creating separate study areas.

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Not all houses or families will have room for an office all of its own, let alone two separate ones. If you need to share an office, think about lighting, privacy and storage options that will work for the two of you.

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Consider the dead space around your home that could be turned into a work area. A used cupboard, the end of a hallway, a kitchen nook or even under the stairs.

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Whether you have the luxury of a home office, an unused room that can be transformed into an office or some dead space around the home that can be utilised as a study area, it is vital that you prioritise the layout to maximise your study potential.

Home_Office_Renovation_Idea  Home_Office_Renovation_Idea

Once you have organised a desk space, lighting, storage and electricity all come into play. You will need bright lights to work under at night as well as natural light for during the day. If you only have one power point, consider adding a power board and make sure all cords are labelled and neatly stored. Overhead storage such as floating cupboards and shelves are great if you are short of space and easy to install yourself.

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Studies need to be friendly environment for everyone. If you have kids that will be using the same space, make sure there is seating and desk area that will suit their tasks. A little bit of colour is very inspiring for children so remember this. A ream of paper and a bundle of pencils is just as important to them as your laptop may be to you. Organise different spaces in your office that will suit everyone!