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DIY Kitchen Storage Solutions

Are you wanting to increase storage around your kitchen but not quite sure how to do it? Jump online at the Renovator Store and you’ll discover a range of storage solutions of the finest quality and at the most competitive prices. What’s more impressive is that they are DIY installations!

Whether you have blank walls, empty corner cupboards or ridiculously messy drawers that are impossible to locate anything in, we have the storage solutions for you.




Wall Storage

Above the cook top, besides the fridge or inside your pantry, there is often oodles of wall space that can be used for storage. If you prefer a blank, white kitchen with clear spaces then fill your pantry walls with spice racks, hand towels and kitchen utensils. If you don’t mind the commercial look then install a wall mounted organiser rack beside your cook top and some tea towel holders within easy reach of your sink.

What is so unique and brilliant about the Renovator Stores ELITE Butler storage range is that they are made with hardened steel rods that allow for easy installation and simple removal and addition. This means that you can swap and change the location of your wall storage units depending on what works best for you! It also makes the cleaning process a breeze! Don’t limit the wall storage units to the kitchen either! Why not install some wall storage hooks by the front door for everyone’s keys or a wall storage organiser in the bathroom to hold your toothbrush, hairbrush and make-up products.

Kitchen_Storage_Wall_Renovation_DIY Kitchen_Storage_Wall_Renovation_DIY  Kitchen_Storage_Wall_Renovation_DIY



Drawer Storage

How many times do you open your kitchen draw and spend longer than necessary searching for the potato peeler, spatula or bottle opener? The Elite Butler drawer storage units are your answer. Available in stainless steel modular designs or trim-able plastic that can be cut to shape, your kitchen will be upgraded within minutes!

The ELITE Butler drawer storage units are made from high quality stainless steel that ensures durability and longevity. The beauty of this modular design is that the individual tray units can be easily removed for simple cleaning as well as being able to be rearranged to create endless combinations to suit your cutlery needs. ELITE Butler drawer storage units come in three sizes; 2, 5 or 8 trays. Mix and match them to make the most of your draw storage space!

Drawer_organiser_renovation_DIY_Kitchen Drawer_organiser_renovation_DIY_Kitchen

Drawer_organiser_renovation_DIY_Kitchen Drawer_organiser_renovation_DIY_Kitchen

ELITE also make a more flexible drawer organiser from plastic sheeting that can be trimmed with sharp scissors to match your kitchen needs. This comes in two standard draw sizes; 400mm and 900mm and is popular for customers doing a DIY kitchen renovation or simply, a spring clean!


draw storage - plastic 5

Cupboard Storage

Do you have a tricky corner cupboard that is difficult to clean and impossible to reach the cans of beans and bags of flour at the back? Do you have a narrow cupboard besides your oven that fits nothing more than a few damp tea towels?

The ELITE Butler cupboard organiser range enables you to make maximal use out of your small kitchen storage opportunities. Whether you are building from scratch or just trying to re-work your current kitchen design, these kitchen cupboard units will be the answer for you! The ELITE Butler pull-out cupboard organisers will be the end of you crouching down and backaches. Made from stainless steel and in a pull out design, you’re cooking utensils, knives, oils, spices and chopping boards will soon be within easy reach and neatly stored within a soft-close design. The ELITE Butler pull out cupboard organiser comes in 200mm, 300mm, 350mm and 400mm standard cupboard sizes. They can be installed yourself within a cupboard with a standard swing door or can be attached to the front of a cupboard door and be a pull-out design.

Cupboard_organiser_storage_kitchen_renovation_DIY Cupboard_organiser_storage_kitchen_renovation_DIY Cupboard_organiser_storage_kitchen_renovation_DIY


The ELITE Butler magic corner cupboard is the best solution to your under-bench corner spaces. With one simple movement, the magic corner cupboard will open up two baskets attached to the inside of your cupboard door as well as bringing forward two posterior baskets that consume the corner space. All storage space is now more accessible than ever and the highly durable stainless steel trays and tracks will ensure effortlessly smooth and quiet functioning.

Kitchen_Storage_Units_DIY_Renovation Magic Corner cupboard - dimensions


The ELITE Butler Pull-Out Pantry is the latest design for contemporary kitchens. It enables easy access of both sides rather than reaching through cluttered shelves in search of the right can. The standard 400mm and 450mm stainless steel frames of adjustable height means that this DIY product can be installed yourself in standard cupboard sizes. The Renovator Store also stock a 650mm pull-out design with attached shelving to a hinged, cupboard door.

Kitchen_Storage_Units_DIY_Renovation Kitchen_Storage_Units_DIY_Renovation



ELITE specialises in kitchen storage hardware. It provides functionality, organisation, class and style for today's modern kitchen. Organising your kitchen has never been so easy - and organisation is the secret to a workable cooking environment, a clear bench-top, and a minimalist kitchen exterior. The modern designs of the ELITE kitchen storage hardware range maximise the utilisation of space and provides convenient access through innovative pull-out mechanisms. The ELITE range is made with quality materials including stainless steel for durability, strength and easy cleaning. Ball-bearing runners and soft-close pull-outs are standard inclusions rather than expensive options. Get an organised kitchen - get an ELITE Kitchen!

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