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Do I need an Architect?

If you're renovating your home or even just remodelling one room or your kitchen plus dining area, you might be wondering if you can pull it off on your own or if you need the professional services of an architect.

When it comes to designing and building, a licensed architect can add a lot of value to the process. These days, with the property market not delivering value growth many people chose to renovate their existing home to create value growth as opposed to buying newer houses.

While it is true that there are DIY projects you can do yourself and architects may initially seem an extra cost. vanity_disaster Having an architect on projects such as adding a totally adjacent room in place of your lawn space or altering the height of the foyer of your split levelled house, would turn out to be wise and practical rather than incurring more costs to make up for mistakes of such feats.
The larger your project, the more it is important to have a professional in charge to make sure you don't bite off more than you can chew.


Experience is the best teacher

If you have an architect, you get the talent gained from experience. They will have experience with the existing structure. They can also be better equipped to assist you even in terms of advice on where to get the right fixtures and lights without purging your budget.

You get the talent and know-how of someone who gets the most out of your space and budget.  They look at your renovation goals and can suggest design, enhancements and material options you might not even know existed. They are used to solving problems involving issues and can make space work in ways you have never studied or had experience with.

building permitsEverything else comes with the package

When the concept is done, an architect's job is far from over. They even help you find a contractor, plus you get someone that can oversee the project while it is being done, making sure it's constructed within the agreed plan and budget.  They also take care of getting needed permits and deal with any problems that may arise during construction, including zoning issues and supply shortages.

If you look at renovation projects that had an architect versus those with no architect, professional touch obviously takes precedence.  They tend to look better on the outside, because they pay attention to details as scale and size, your renovation will seem better designed by someone who knows how to make your wishes come true. Imagine that the walk-in closet you thought would never fit in your renovated bedroom is now full of your clothes and shoes. That mini-putting green your husband thought would never be possible in the side yard is the handiwork of the landscape architect.

do_i_need_an_architectIf you're not simply just repainting or spicing up an old boring counter - if you're adding rooms to your house. or increasing height to create a airy atmosphere, then save yourself the stress and frustration.  Speak to an architect about how they can help you make your home-related dreams a reality.

Someone told me that an architect can also be viewed as a form of insurance for the renovation project you are sinking your life savings into - the chance of error or major failure is slim with an architect, but might prove a reality if you attempt it yourself.  Of course, there are always homeowners who know exactly what they want, and do not need the design stamp of an architect to achieve it - and in that case it is still worth having a chat, but it might be more difficult for the architect to justify the extra cost.

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