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Draw open new life with your curtains

Curtains and drapes were first used in Medieval times to hang at the entrance of tents and provide relief from hot desert winds. The beauty of their workmanship and design was then embraced and they soon became prized pieces of artwork. Today, curtains generally stimulate a dreary image of heavy, musty drapes, hanging in your Grandmas lounge room but this doesn't have to be the case.  Find out today how curtains can bring life back into your home.


These days, curtains are often used to merely block out the moonshine at night and provide privacy from nosey neighbours. Other than being a practical solution for unwanted light, curtains are able to create style and depth in your home. From opaque drapes to bold blinds and everything in between, there’s endless opportunity to accelerate your home interior by installing curtains.



Your windows might look out over vast oceans where the use of curtains can only provide a picture frame for the view. On the other hand, your curtains may be more interesting and aesthetically pleasing than the landscape itself. Regardless of what your view may be, enhance it with some alluring curtains hanging either side.





Make a statement with your drapes by incorporating bold lines into a neutral room. Give your room the life that it always needed.


Make the most out of curtains, blinds and shutters. If you want to install some bold curtains to make a statement and complete your interior look but don’t want to close them every night to maintain privacy, why not install shutters as well. If you are after a privacy solution but want the beauty of natural light too, install a double layer curtain. The opaque layer can be constantly drawn across to maintain privacy yet still allow light and the heavy layer can be bold and dominant and used for complete darkness.





Why limit the use of curtains to just window frames? Curtains have been used for decades in the bathroom to maintain privacy. They are also a fantastic solution to creating smaller, liveable spaces within a big room. Keep your curtains light and sheer so that they don’t restrict your sunshine.



It may be daunting when choosing a bold curtain pattern or colour. If unsure, there’s no reason why a neutral colour or one that matches your current colour pallet won’t do the trick. By choosing a slightly different shade or textured material, you can seamlessly create layers and detail to your interior.


If your room is floor to ceiling windows and you are after some light filtering and privacy, opt for breezy drapes that will still allow your room to be filled with sunshine but will provide a softer, more intimate backdrop.


Create a tropical island retreat outside by attaching weatherproof curtains to an outdoor balcony area and enjoy some shade and privacy all through summer. With some bean bags and coloured cushions, you will soon feel like a Royal in the Sahara desert.





Where else could you use curtains to enhance your interior? Around you bed? Over the shower? As a door? As a bedhead?



Before spending hundred of dollars on designer drapes, decide on how often your curtains will be closed and whether or not it is worth spending big money on something that will be rarely seen.