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Easily Keep Your House Clean Longer!

The last thing busy parents want to do is walk into a messy house. Coming home to a clean house is like a much-needed breath of fresh air.  Keep your house cleaner, longer. Doing so will give you a little time to do the things you want to do, rather than doing the things you don’t.

Give some of these tricks a try to extend your homes’ clean life and save yourself some cleaning time.

Keep shower doors cleaner with car windshield treatment products

300mm rain shower
Start by thoroughly cleaning your shower doors with a glass cleaner. Using a razor blade, scrape off any soap that has caked onto your doors.  Dry the glass completely with a soft towel. Spray on your preferred windshield treatment like Rain-X or Aquapel, then wipe the glass clean with a microfiber cloth. Windshield treatment products leaves a thin coating on the glass which will repel soap and water.

The end result is that your shower doors will stay cleaner for much longer. These products are found in the automotive department at discount stores and are typically used for windshields, they also work great on shower doors.

Stainless Steel fixtures fingerprint free!

Most fixtures come in stainless steel and polished chrome. Though polished chrome fixtures are normally preferred due to its aesthetic shine, stainless steel taps and fixtures are commonly preferred for its sturdier and longer wear and tear.

swedia lifestyle

After cleaning and polishing your stainless steel fixtures, Apply 1 tsp. of lemon oil, olive oil or baby oil to a clean, soft cloth then wipe it on your stainless steel taps and fixtures. Buff away any excess with a clean part of the cloth to restore shine and prevent the appearance of future fingerprints or smudges.

Dry off the walls after each shower

By drying off the water and soap after each shower you will limit the amount of water and soap that dries onto your shower walls and doors.  Make sure to dry any water off of your faucet and the metal around the glass on the shower doors to avoid water spots.  This will keep your shower looking sparkling clean.

Brighten cabinets with heat

Kitchen cabinets often get coated with grease. Microwave a sponge for 30 seconds and then put on some rubber gloves before grabbing the sponge.  Spray the cabinets with a cleaner that contains orange oil.  Use the hot sponge to wipe away layers of grease and grime that have accumulated on your cabinets.  Not only will the kitchen smell like fresh oranges, but the oil will give the cabinets that just like new shine.  The oil will also help to prevent food from sticking in the future.

Apply grout sealer to tile back splashes

Apply a couple of coats of grout sealer to your grout lines at least twice a year. A dry sealer will prevent stains from getting onto your grout.  Any food splatters can be wiped away without worry of stains.

Apply stone sealer to your stone counter tops.

Follow the package directions and apply stone sealer to your stone counter tops to.  Stone is porous and can absorb stains, making it impossible to get clean.  Applying a stone sealer a couple times a year reduces the chances of spills staining your stone counters and will keep your counters looking like new for a longer period of time.

Have a big mat at all doors.

Most dirt that gets into the home is tracked in on shoes. Use a big mat to keep the dirt outside. Ideally more than one stride long so people to walk on the mat with both of their feet before stepping into your home.


To further keep dirt out of the home, place a mat on the inside of the door as well.  Also, ask people to take their shoes off at the door.

Keep this tips and say goodbye to a tedious general cleaning task every most often!

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