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Easy DIY Wall Gallery

A wall gallery is a collection of pictures that are arranged together on a wall. They can look fantastic, or they can look really bad. It is not as easy as it may seem to do a wall gallery, however there are some simple steps you can follow to create your own eye catching wall gallery without making a mess of it.

wall gallery with a line down the middle 

  1. Choose a wall. Any wall can work, however I personally think a hallway is a good start for this DIY gallery wall project.
  2. Decide upon a theme for your wall gallery. For instance you may use photos or an art collection, even mirrors.  If you are using photos you must decide whether they are to be black and white, sepia or colour collection, and then stick to that decision.
  3. Choose matching coloured frames, it is okay to vary the sizes of the frames.
  4. Use painters tape and run along the width of the wall, taping it at a height of about two thirds. Be certain to make sure it is level.
  5. Hang the pictures either side of the tape down the width of the wall. There you have it, your own beautiful gallery wall that looks as though it was created by a professional interior decorator.


To create the same display as the pictures both above and below, run the painters tape vertically as well horizontally at a 90 degree angle, keeping the spacing between the pictures even.

white frame wall gallery An example of a wall gallery using white frames



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