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Embellish your home entrance in 6 easy steps

Although a home entrance is the first place your guests will pass through, it is often the last place you think to decorate. An entryway is primarily about practicality. There should be a place to take off your shoes, a place to house your keys, a place to hang a jacket and a place to store your umbrella. A home entry should be lit up well so that guests can safely come and go during the day and night. Although practicality is the main thing, this doesn’t mean it cannot be attractive. Brighten up your home entry so that your guests first impressions are their finest.


Add a mirror

By installing a mirror opposite the front door, it will instantly make the space feel larger. A mirror situated above a hall way table will provide depth as well as giving yourself and guests one last opportunity to check themselves out before facing the public.

Home_entrance_mirror  home_entrance_shoes

Mount some hooks

Regardless of where you live or what the season, some coat and hat hooks will always be handy by the door. Choose some simplistic, functional hooks to hang your jacket on or make a statement with some bolder hanging fixtures that will complement your interior style.

Home_entrance_hooks entry_unit Industrial ooks

Hang a sign

As a cute addition to any entrance, add a welcome sign, or any sign for that matter. Home-made personalised signs are perfect for little cottages and beach houses. If aiming for a more sleek and modern style, maybe give the pitch sign a miss..

Home_entrance_welcome_sign Home_entrance_welcome Home_entrance_welome_sign

Buy a table

A hallway or entry table is the obvious answer for all your entry essentials. Place a dish on top to hold your keys and decorate with seasonal flowers each week. If it has draws, store you dog leads, spare keys and some last minute lipstick to apply on the way out! Below, stow your boots and shoes…or invest in a separate shoe rack for these.

Home_entrance_table_ Home_entrance_table_2

Consider a shoe rack

Although it will take up more room and add more clutter to your small space, a shoe rack is the fnest solution to a messy family with endless shoes. Whether they be covered in mud, dust or clay – a shoe rack will enable your little ones to kick off their shoes and hide the mess away from all following guests. Even a selection of baskets for each member of the family will do they trick!

Home_entrance_shoe_storage Home_entrance_shoe_storage Home_entrance_shoe_storage

Flick on some lights

Not just for aesthetics but for safety and security too, entry lighting is paramount. When you get home from a long days work or a boozy night out, there is nothing more important than being able to find your front door and let yourself inside. Why not take the practicality of lighting to the next level with some pendant feature lights or entry lamps that will make your arrival home that much more enjoyable and create an intimate entry for guest.

Home_entrance_lighting Home_entrance_lighting Home_entrance_lighting  Home_entrance_lighting

Space still left over?

If you still have some wall space that needs filling or floor space that needs covering, opt for a wall clock, umbrella stand or floor rug. Just remember that the more items you add, the smaller the area will feel. Sometimes less is more..




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