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Energy Saving Basics and Innovations Room by Room

Energy costs can consume a huge chunk of your home budget, and put many homeowners at their wit's end. Luckily the solution to this problem is right before your eyes: through purging your home of inefficient appliances and eliminating wasteful energy practices practically anyone can enhance the efficiency of their home and save money! So keep reading to the energy saving basics for every room of your home!


1. The Living Room

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Energy-sapping electronics, like plasma TVs and desktop computers, are usually the main culprits behind the excessive use of electricity in the living room. Opting for Energy Star-rated devices is a great way to put an end to this, and reduce costs by 30%.

Another way to make your home more efficient is to try and cut your 'standby power usage'. This is the energy used by devices when they're switched off or not performing their primary function. Devices that use standby power are usually remote controlled or have a digital display. To ensure these devices aren't continually sucking power you should always unplug them at the wall, or plug them into a power strip with a switch to control several devices at once.

Finally replace halogen bulbs in the living room with LED fittings. They can reduce energy bills by up to 80-90%, and are expected to work for over 25 years!


2. The Kitchen

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Start off checking for any leaks and drips, as even a minor issue could cause you to lose hundreds of litres of water.

Secondly invest in some energy saving kitchen appliances.

  • Your refrigerator undoubtedly devours the most energy, so investigate into energy-star rated products that use 20% less energy that their clunky, decade-old counterparts.
  • Other appliances, such as ovens and microwaves, can now be purchased with smart features that again work to minimise energy expenditure.
  • Finally, always choose taps with 4 star water rating and above, and make sure they're fitted with flow restrictors.

Finally remember to only use the dishwasher when it is full to save water. Also see if you can acquire a model with soil sensors and boosters.


3. The Laundry


In a typical home around 300 pounds of laundry is washed every year, making the choice of a washing machine paramount. Opt for front-loading machines which use considerably less energy, especially when you use the lowest settings! Again make sure your laundry tap ware is energy efficient and has limited flow. 


4. The Bedroom

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The bedroom is a sanctuary of relaxation, where temperature is key in determining your level of comfort. Ceiling fans are a great way of keep things cool, whilst also reducing the dependency on energy-draining air conditioning.

Likewise, a programmable thermostat is extra convenient as temperature can be optimised with an automatic mode, perfect for when you're away from home. During the summer curtains and blinds are great for minimising the amount of heat gained from sunlight. 


5. The Attic and Basement

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Surprisingly enough areas the attic and basement can be especially energy-draining, and hence require thorough inspection. Insulation can be used to regulate temperature issues in the home.

For example in summer the attic can get extremely hot, and insulation prevents this heat spreading downwards and throughout your entire how. Alternatively in summer it can be used to keep the hot air inside.

A funky alternative for those seeking a visually pleasing environment is to install natural bliss with green walls. Not only do they provide acoustic and thermal insulation, they also look fantastic and help to improve air quality.


Room-by-room tweaking is an excellent way to pull together a smart, energy-conserving home. Always look for energy star certified appliances and products to cut down superfluous energy consumption. Also never remember turn off things that you're not using. Finally insure your insulation is in top shape to create an impregnable stronghold of efficiency. It may seem daunting, but it will definitely all be worth it in the end.

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