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Enlarge your apartment without picking up a hammer

As houses get smaller but the desire to socialize and entertain grows, cramped urban apartment owners are constantly on the look out for new gadgets and ideas to maximize the small space that they call home. Dedicating some hours of planning and a small injection of cash can help turn your 1 bedroom apartment into a clever and resourceful nest that will have your friends wondering how on earth you squeeze in what you do! Here’s how to do it:

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Maximize your petite kitchen Kitchens are becoming more of an entertaining area and not just a place for food preparation and storage. Because of this, wide-open benches are desirable but leave little space for above bench storage. In order to maximize your cupboards and cabinetry space, it is important to fit well designed units so that pots and pans and cans of food don’t get lost down the back. The renovator store specializes in stainless steel kitchen units that are able to fit pre-existing spaces and quite often can be installed yourself. Pull out pantries, wall storage units and drawer organizers are simple fixes to rid you of over-clustered draws and shelves. Never spend another wasted minute searching for your olive oil or tongs.

Bedroom storage tricks

Bedrooms are too often a dumping ground for anything that is cluttering the rest of the house. Paperwork is piled, clothes are strewn and books stack up on your bedside table faster than anyone has the time to read them. Bedrooms are supposed to be the most relaxing room in your home, promoting relaxation and enabling you to get a peaceful night sleep. It’s time to get on top of your chaos and organize your sleeping quarters. The space under your bed provides for countless storage of sheets, towels, shoes and suitcases. With little floor space, the trick to bedroom storage is to think vertically. Install a floor to ceiling wall cabinet and don’t waste valuable square-meters with bulky bedside tables that provide little storage. Fixing lamps onto the wall can free up space for books and jewelry and furnishing dead space below windows maximizes storage opportunity. If your walk in robe has become too tight, invest in some sturdy clothes storage units that are inexpensive and promote efficiency in the outfit debate each morning.

Rid yourself from dead nooks and crannies

Its not how much space you have, its how you design and organize it that will determine how efficiently and comfortably you live. There are so many ideas out there to maximize the small, often wasted space of cramped apartment living. Fill your floorboards, open up your attics and get creative. Turn your hallway cupboard into a small office nook where you can send emails and pay bills by day and shut the doors at night to hide away your mess.


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