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The Environmental Benefits of LED Lighting

At we don't just want to help you save money but also want to help you do your bit for the planet. So are you ready to save the world but don't know where to start? Switching to LED lighting could be the easiest sustainability choice you can ever make.


Renovator Store Vintage LED Light GlobeRenovator Store Vintage LED Light Globe

When all traditional white light sources are switched to LED we will reduce energy consumption by 1000TW per year, this is the equivalent to 250 500MW coal plants and reduce emissions by 200 million tonnes.

Better still, switching to LED lighting is a one-time behaviour change. Once you make the switch you can effectively forget about it for years. How many years? Well typically LED light bulbs can last anywhere from 15,000 to 50,000 hours depending on the brand and the particular light. Depending on your usage this means you can expect an LED light to last for at least 25 years before needing to replace it. This means no messing around looking for the ladders once a year when that kitchen GU10 down light blows. LED lights use much less energy because of the way they work which is based around efficiency. This means lower electricity consumption and in turn carbon emissions. Who said that saving the world had to be expensive? With LED lighting you can do your bit for the planet and save your pocket in the process.

Are there any other sustainability benefits from LED lights? Yes! Low energy CFL light bulbs are packed with mercury. Mercury is a hazardous substance meaning that low energy CFL light bulbs cant just be thrown out in the trash (though that's not to say people don't!). Electrical waste is a major problem. Countries in the third world have issues based around electrical waste being shipped out there and disposed of in questionable ways. LED lighting is mercury free meaning they have less of an impact when it comes down to disposal. Again due to a massive lifetime LED light bulbs also need to be disposed of much less frequently. A double whammy when it comes to environmental benefits.

So there you have it, you can save the world just by changing a light bulb. Led lights have clear environmental benefits due to their efficiency, lifetime, and lack of toxic elements.

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