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Let the bubbles flow in your own home bar

No minimum amount of space is needed for your own home bar. Whether it’s a wall mounted cabinet and shelf installed in the corner of your lounge room or a full blown free standing bar in your very own drinking room, the possibilities are endless. If you really are that thirsty, any kind of bar will do!


A simple bar set up calls for a fridge and drinks. If you are to be a little more elaborate, you may install a sink, wine glass cabinet and some stools. There really is no limit to how extravagant your bar can become. Chandeliers, below ground cellars, swim-up counters, vintage posters and illuminated signs may all play a role in your home bar.


Check out this blank dining room wall that was turned into a self serve bar with the installation of a hallway table and above head wine rack. How easy?!


Depending on where your bar is situated, it’s fun to make it as personalised as possible. Why not use your old surfboard or a poker mat as the bar counter. Why not add a chalk board and advertise your speciality drinks and cocktails!


A fantastic place for installing a bar is in an unused cupboard! Open the doors and slide them away to reveal your full blown bar set up or shut the doors and nobody would ever know it’s there.


If personal collectables and sports memorabilia is not going to suit the surrounding décor, choose some art work that will. Simple pieces of art can make your bar look like an expensive and desirable place. A piece of art above a bar trolley can turn a bland wall into the most exciting space of your home!


Go for the Gatsby look with chandeliers and a framed spirit collection. This way, your artwork will constantly be changing with the evolution of old and new liquers.


If you have run out of room inside for a bar, why not take it outside? There's nothing more enjoyable then sitting out by the pool on a hot summers day with a cider in hand.

Bar_3     Bar_8

But if space is really a premium, a small cupboard, table, counter or tray is all you need!

Bar_kitchen_caddy Bar_portable


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