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Five Smart Storage SECRETS for Compact Kitchens

Here are some great compact kitchen storage ideas to maximise the utilisation of volume in your kitchen cupboards and keep everything you need easily accessible. These storage solutions are great for small houses and apartment living. They can help you maintain that coveted minimalist look - which can only be achieved if you have a convenient and practically accessible spot to put everything.

Here are a few Smart Storage SECRETS for Compact Kitchens


KItchen storage Get organised with a Pull Out Pantry - access all your items and maximise utilisation of the volume of the cupboard

Do you have an old cupboard with stuff at the back or out of reach that has been there for years?

A pull-out pantry gives you access to items at the back of the cupboard. Another key issue that is solved is that you do not need to put small items at the front of shelves to reach items at the back - as when the whole pantry is pulled out you can see and reach everything!  These stainless steel pull out pantries have a really smart design, and do not have the traditional wire base baskets where small items keep falling over. The soft close function is also very important.   And if you know how to use a screwdriver it can be installed yourself!






Kitchen storage solution Pull out kitchen storage unit - everything accessible in a simple pull-out unit

When you get inspired to cook - is it a major hassle to fish out your favourite pan, knives, spices, chopping board, scales and sauces? You can save all that time and have all your cooking items neatly stored in a pull-out cupboard utility storage unit. Like a small pull-out pantry, this is installed in an under-bench kitchen cupboard.

You pull it out and have easy access to everything you need - obviously its best to install it right next to your main cooking or preparation area. This product is turning out to be very popular to improve the storage and usability of compact kitchens.





Chef Kitchen Wall Storage Organiser Rack Kitchen wall storage unit - this smart stainless steel unit stores all your frequently used items at arms reach

Do not forget the kitchen walls and splash backs can provide valuable storage room for items you need to use all the time. Ikea has always promoted storing high use items in the most accessible area of your kitchen - on the wall above the bench.

A highly stylish stainless steel rack designed to safely hold everything from knives, sauces, spices, utensils, and tea towels - you will not know how you functioned without it!




Kitchen storage solutions Cupboard dish rack - the latest in European kitchen storage. Let dishes dry in the cupboard!

These are very popular in Europe - but somehow Australia has escaped the trend. Until now! This rack allows you to store your dishes vertically in your cupboard while they drip dry. Why stack plates on top of each other? You end up using the top four plates all the time, and rarely get to the ones at the bottom. When stacking vertically you will fit far more in the cupboard and it is all readily accessible.

There is a second fantastic benefit of this system - as it has a drip tray underneath you can put your dishes away wet and let them drip dry in the cupboard. Why stack on the bench to dry and then re-handle again to stack in the cupboard? Europe has had it right for a while now - and now we are catching up!




Simple kitchen storage solutions Kitchen drawer organiser - simply trim to size and insert in your drawer and be organised forever!

Do you have a kitchen draw full of tangled utensils? Does it take you five minutes to find the stirrer you are after, or the missing piece to your electric blender. Invest in some simple drawer organisers to professionally present all your utensils.

Items can then be segmented so that finding them is a breeze! Get organised! There are a couple of sizes to fit different standard sized drawers and you can simply trim the edges for a perfect fit into your drawer. No excuses now.

2 thoughts on “Five Smart Storage SECRETS for Compact Kitchens”
  • Michael OConnor
    Michael OConnor August 11, 2015 at 9:20 am

    will you email prices please?

    • Scott Pendlebury

      Hi Michael. Our customer service team will email you some links to the products in this article. You can of course simply click on the products in the article and it will link you to the product pages (where price and specifications are available). Kind regards, Scott

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