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Floorboards - why getting them will save you money

It's the age-old debate... Floorboards versus carpet. When planning your dream home, you want something that's going to be functional, stylish yet timeless, and cost-friendly. Read on to find why floorboards are the smarter choice that's going to cost your family less in the long run.

dark bedroom floorboards

Floorboards will never go out of style.

Sleek, minimal and effortless, floorboards have proven that they can stand the test of time. They are a classic option that has been proven to increase property value, and can easily be changed with a coat of polish or new varnish. Meanwhile, carpet can easily date in terms of colours and textures.

floorboards wooden beautiful

They're clean 

Floorboards are less likely to trap grime, dust and other fibres, unlike carpet. Spills and accidents are much harder and costly to repair on carpet, whereas floorboards require very little maintenance other than sweeping and mopping.

renovator store floorboards lounge

They will last longer 

Although they can be more costly on initial installation, wooden floor will generally will have a much longer life than that of carpet. The life of carpet can vary from quality, and some carpet will need to be replaced sooner than others. When deciding on your flooring choice, it's important to consider what's going to last longer and cost you least in the long run.

white walls dark wood floorboards

They're suitable for families and pets 

Everyone with pets or children will be well aware of the hazardous mess that can result from either! While both options offer benefits of suitability, floorboards ultimately are more favourable in terms of their easy to maintain surface. Any spills or mess can be easily wiped up or removed, whereas carpet can prove quite unforgiving.

They're environmentally friendly 

carpet or floorboards

Carpet is made of man-made fibres to increase their durability - but this isn't necessarily environmentally friendly. Most carpet ends up being ripped up and ends up in landfill, causing environmental issues later on. Floorboards, however, are produced mainly through wood, a renewable resource. This, and the fact that they are more likely to have a longer life-span, makes them the more environmentally friendly option.

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