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Functional kitchen ideas you need to see

Functional kitchen tips will help you improve what is undoubtedly one of the most used spaces in your home. Whether your kitchen is small or large, it's important to try and maximise any space you have in order to create an organised and clean space your whole family can enjoy! We've scoured the web to find some amazing inspiration for you that can inspire your next renovation project!


Functional Kitchen Ideas

functional kitchen space idea


You can't go past including a pull-out pantry in your kitchen. We've all experienced losing an item in a messy pantry, only to find it years later, when it's scarily past its use-by-date. By installing a pull-out pantry, all your pantry items will be visible and you won't have to hunt for an item you need. Not to mention, it'll free up other cupboard space, and who doesn't love that?! Browse our pantry organiser options here.

functional kitchen ideaWe love this stylish, built-in wooden kitchen drying rack next to the kitchen sink. Stack your wet plates and cups to dry, all whilst keeping a very organised look to your kitchen.

organised kitchen tips for pot lidsThis functional tip from Martha Stewart is a beauty. We've all had to deal with the clattering and clashing about in drawers trying to find the matching lid to a saucepan. By installing a rack inside your pantry door, you can easily place the pan lids onto it and simply find the lid you need. It will also free up drawer or cupboard space for you!

functional organisation kitchen idea shabby chic spice rackThis is a gorgeous idea fit for a shabby chic or charming country home that allows you access all of your spices and flours. When cooking, there's nothing worse than having a badly organised pantry and having to hunt for the exact ingredients you need. Clear labels on your ingredients and separating them into groups will help make your cooking time that much easier!

functional kitchen storage solution

When you have a beautiful kitchen at home, the last thing you want is a nasty bin that's a hassle to constantly change and stow away under your sink. Pull out bins are functional in design, easy to maintain, and concealed - meaning they won't disrupt the aesthetic of your kitchen that you've worked so hard to design. With a range of large options from Renovator Store, you can easily sort recyclables, limit odours, and have more days in between taking the trash out. Browse our options here.

Do you have a functional idea in your kitchen you'd like to share with our visitors? Please leave a comment in the comment section below!



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