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The Future Is Now: Practical Tips for a Sustainable Home

For some time now, our society has been aware of the damage the human race has inflicted on our Earth.  They have also developed a sense of awareness and have realised that we need to take drastic measures to right our wrongs. An example of such a measure is green living. Although, nowadays the need for a sustainable household has become much more than just a vehicle to reduce carbon footprint -- it has become a trend in architecture and a way to increase the value of your property. So if you wish to discover practical tips for a sustainable home read on...



Eco-Friendly Insulation

No matter how technology changes, insulation will always be the best way to save energy and lower your heating bills. It is also an ideal way to boost your green profile. There are various types of insulation to choose from, but the three types we recommend are recycled-content insulation, cellulose insulation or formaldehyde-free insulation. Furthermore the thicker the insulation, the better, as it traps more heat.


Using Sun’s Energy

Humans have always looked up to the stars for answers, and the brightest of them all has the solution to your problems. Using the newest solar panel designs and technology you too can use the suns radiation to power your home.


Double Glazed Windows

Single glazed windows provide minimal thermal and noise insulation. Opting for retro-fitted double glazed windows can significantly improve the quality of life in your home, and reduce green house gas emissions. This in turn cuts your energy costs, and increases the value of your property. Luckily enough, you don't even need to replace the entire window, but can simply can get it installed to fit your pre-existing design. 


“Green” Lighting


You would be surprised how much energy can be saved if you simply replace your old light bulbs with new, energy-efficient ones. For example, LED light bulbs can reduce energy bills up to 90%, and most have an expected lifespan of 20 years. Nowadays LED lights come in multiple styles and range significantly in price, allowing them to be incorporated into every decor style and match every budget. 


Vintage = Eco-friendly

vintage decor Source:

The beauty of vintage décor is that it can be pulled off through the eco-friendly practice of repurposing. This of course requires you to take some trips to markets to acquire unique furniture and accessories. Overall, you get to both save cash, and reduce the volume of your waste.


Try Minimalism

sustainable home, decor Image source:

On the other hand, modern minimalist décor can also be “green”. Just imagine the ultimate combo of that funky table made of recycled wood, and hanging LED lights. Essentially just remember less is more, and again opt for second-hand items. 


Literally Make Your House Green


Green walls are trend initially made famous by A-list celebrities, but now you too can have one in your home! Not only does it improve the quality of your air, but incorporating nature into indoor spaces has also been found to reduce stress and improve wellbeing. The wall is also visually appealing, and can add a well need pop of colour into a dull space. 

Overall, theres no point in looking back to the past. The future is just ahead of us, and its time we take action to make it as green as possible.

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