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Garage Dangers: An Ounce of Prevention

The garage is a pretty benign space most of the time: we park our cars and bicycles and store our tools, toys and extra items. However, garage accidents occur more frequently than you might think, and when they do, they can cause severe injury and potentially death. So what are the most frequent injuries and deaths occurring, and how can we prevent these?



Leading Residential Garage Injuries and Deathsgarage_organization_system_springfield_mo

  • Injury or death when moving garage door strikes person
  • Fingers crushed when caught in between panels of door
  • Injury or death when garage door spring fails
  • Carbon monoxide poising when vehicle or power equipment is left running
  • Injury when falling over clutter or slick fluids on garage floor
  • Fire hazard when spilling petrol onto hot engine

Suddenly the garage doesn't seem so benign, does it? Although lucky for you staying safe in your garage can be as simple as taking the necessary safety precautions.


 Avoiding Garage Door Issues 


  • Place the garage door button out of reach of small children and keep the remote in a safe place too.
  • Never close a garage door by pulling down on a panel edge, and teach children not to do it either
  • Consider purchasing a premium garage door that features finger-safe panels
  • Leave repair of garage door springs and cables to professionals as they can be under very high tension, and cause severe injury or death if they break


Avoiding Carbon Monoxide Related Issues

  • Never run a car in a closed garage. .
  • Do not use a remote car in order to prevent accidental starting of car.
  • Keep a tool such as a resqme or resqhammer nearby to be able to break a car window should you find someone locked inside a running car inside the garage.
  • If you do find a vehicle running in close garage open the garage door and call for emergency help.


Slipping and Tripping Hazards

  • Install some overhead storage or use hanging hooks to keep things off the ground.
  • Clean up any spills and leaks promptly
  • Install bright LED lighting for navigating the garage in the dark


Fire Hazards

  • Allow engine to cool before filling with fuel
  • Don’t store fuel near open flames or on a gas water heater
  • Don’t smoke whilst working with petrol or other flammable liquid
  • Keep a fire extinguisher in the garage, keep it freshly charged and know how to use it


Overall the garage doesn’t have to be a dangerous place for you and your children. All of the garage safety tips here are common sense. Put them into practice, model them for your kids and encourage them to follow your rules. Install a garage door with the best safety features, and the necessary safety items at the ready. When you do, you will stay on the right side of safety statistics, and be able to enjoy your garage without harm.

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