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Garbage Bins uncut: Where does your rubbish hide?

A kitchen bin is not the most hygienic nor the most aesthetically appealing aspect of a kitchen however it is a must-have and something you cant live without. Used countless times a day, your kitchen bin needs to be prioritised by practicality and accessibility. It needs to be out of the way of kitchen traffic and hidden from guests when entertaining. It needs to be enclosed to prevent odours and away from small children and pets that may otherwise tear it apart. Your kitchen bin needs to be organised so that you can recycle and even collect compost. Your kitchen bin needs to be all in all efficiently functional in relation to your kitchen design and lifestyle.


Concealing your bin in a cupboard or under your bench is a fantastic way to eradicate any odour and maximise your floor space. Pull out bins can sit in cupboard spaces, be fixed to hinged cupboard doors or even be pulled out on soft close, ball bearing runners. With minimal effort, attaching a cupboard door to your pull out waste bin will allow for a concealed waste bin that can slide in and out of sight.


Many designs and combinations exist all available to fit standard cupboard sizes of 400mm, 450mm and 600mm. Choose between 10L, 30L, 40L, 60L and 68Litres that are available with door mounts or pull out tracks.

Twin Bin options provide for optimal separation of waste. Sort your recycling from your garbage, your compost from your nappies. The highly stable frames of the ELITE Twin Slide concealed bins hold up to 25kg and include lids in order to prevent odour.





If your kitchen bin situation is under control, consider installing one in your laundry to collect your dirty washing. Install a twin bin to sort lights from darks and never find colour run stains on your white t-shirt again. Install one in your bathroom to eradicate dirty tissues and floss. Even install one in your garage to store dirty footy shoes and mud covered gumboots.


Dimensions vary from bin to bin so be sure to check the height, width and depths when ordering your bin, allowing room for installation tracks and frames. Be wary that if installing under the kitchen sink, account for pipes and hosing.

Hundreds of dollars don't need to be spent on your rubbish storage however it is important to address the priorities of waste collection being hygiene, function, space, practicality and accessibility. Visit today to organise your garbage solutions today!



2 thoughts on “Garbage Bins uncut: Where does your rubbish hide?”
  • Phil

    Hi, I'm looking for an in cupboard bin with twin bins. I want to use one for general rubbish and the second for compost. Ideally, i want the 1st bin to be approx 15 litres in size, whilst the compost bin to be much smaller. Do you have any bins that would be similar to what i am looking for?

    • Scott Pendlebury

      Hi Phil - pull-out twin bin systems are certainly the way to go. We sell ELITE pull-out bins as they are very durable, have high quality runners, soft close, odour prevention lids, and you can mount your door to the front. There are several sizes for various standard cupboard widths so please check them out on our website under Kitchen / Pull-out Kitchen Bins (

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