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Garden lighting ideas to inspire your backyard

Is your backyard feeling a little lifeless? Want to add some character, warmth and safety to your backyard? Adding garden lighting to your backyard will add another dimension to your home. The trick is, however, to not go overboard! Too much lighting and the effect will be lost. Check out these ideas to lift the atmosphere of your backyard:

Adding lighting to your decking 

decking garden lighting

Adding lighting to your decking is a great idea for not only aesthetic reasons, but safety reasons also. By creating a lighted walkway, you'll have a beautifully lit path around your outdoor deck. It'll also get you more use out of your outdoor living areas at night.

Incorporate lighting to make an outdoor feature wall 

outdoor lighting screens

We love these laser-cut steel pieces for a feature wall! Ground lighting points up and illuminates the pieces, resulting in a striking and modern outdoor feature.

Illuminate your plants with garden lighting 

garden lighting inspiration

Showcase your greenery by installing lights underneath your plants, for a whimsical effect. This is an eye-popping design technique that will have you admiring all your green-thumb handiwork!

Add fairy lights

fairy lights garden lighting

Fairy lights are sure to add that rustic, shabby-chic feel to any outdoor garden space. Fairy lights are no longer associated just with party decorations, instead they add a soft, warm glow that's appropriate for use all year round.

Stair lights

garden lighting stair lights


Ambient stair lights provide a warm and welcoming pathway to the front or back door of your property. Forget stumbling around in the dark trying to find your door! The soft glow helps to illuminate surrounding plants and features, also.

Use backlights 

garden lighting backlights

Backlighting is a powerful effect that works best on strong lines and architectural shapes rather than soft plants. Again, this effect is all about less lighting to achieve more.

Have fun with your lighting options

ball outdoor lights for the pool

Have some fun with your lights! We love these floating water-proof ball lights for something magical and different.



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