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Get that job - Builders' tips to be selected

Of all the tips and renovation ideas we've been advising, having a qualified installer / builder is often part of the deal.

If you're a builder / sparky or plumber, how do you get that next job?  How do you make sure the home owner chooses your services amongst all the other builders?

Here's a few tips to narrow the search and land a new project this year with a growing Gen Y customer base.

Know your audience


Recent reports say that the Generation Y are becoming a major force behind renovations.

Green Living

This group called the 'Millennial renovators' - are looking for "the eco friendly green" designs and fixtures such as LED skylights that use solar energy rather than electricity and LED lighting that help to reduce the carbon footprint.

They also have different expectations to older renovators and buyers and desire homes with little maintenance, are smaller and offer more open planned spaces and designs.


Generation Y renovators have different needs as well as a much larger exposure to technology and the internet. Where laptops and tablets are a common gadget, be prepared to have quotes and suggestions that are delivered through multiple sources. Be familiar with online websites such as for research, building information, new technologies and products. This group loves to spend time in front of a screen and are often aware of the vast range of choices.


This generation also knows the value of money and are not as brand conscious. So help them achieve their desired look whilst not breaking their bank accounts.

Word of mouth

A good job done well, would not only be a pat in the back but could go viral. Word of mouth as they say is the best advertisement yet these new age builders definition of word of mouth are both spread through personal voice and social media internet reach.

So go ahead, get on their best foot. Who knows one renovation project with these millennial homeowners may be the tip of the iceberg to your multitude of projects and of course profit!

Happy renovating!

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