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Gorgeous Bedrooms for Girls

Your daughter’s bedroom is a place where she will spend most of her time, since children can sleep between 10 to 13 hours until the age of 12. She will also spend time playing and studying in her bedroom. It is important for her to feel comfortable and familiar in this space therefore involve your daughter in the decorating process to make it special and fun for her.


Pink and White You really can't go wrong with pink and white for most little girls, however add some personality to make it her own. Here we have a cute little canopy bed that is fit for a Princess, with her own personal poodle theme. The daybed provides storage and an extra bed for a friends sleepover. The little desk and chair provide a practical area for homework or study.


Cool Wallpaper There are many pretty, whimsical or cool wallpaper choices that can transform any girl's room. The white circles against the silvery grey background have turned this space into a super cool trendy girl's space.


Home Sewing Job If you are handy with the sewing machine, or know someone that is, why not decorate the space yourself with some material. This is a inexpensive way to inject colour and personality into your daughter's bedroom. This little girl's bedroom was beautifully transformed by her mother, using some old sheets to make the curtains, cushions and trim!


Break Up the Pink Although most young girls are mad about pink, sometimes it can be overdone. By introducing some other hues such as soft yellow and green, the bedroom is still prettily feminine, yet refreshingly individual.


 Paper Mural I love the idea of using paper murals or wall decals in a girl's bedroom. They are easy to apply to the walls, and they simply peel off when removed, meaning that when your Daughter gets bored with the look, it can be changed with little drama.


Vintage Chic This bedroom is a gorgeous space that any girl can grow up in, and it is such a simple design. By using a beautiful vintage bed, painting the walls in a very pale pink, and dressing the bed in soft whites with some plump red and white cushions, this space is fit for a girl of any age.


Twin Fun  With its star fish-themed decor, this twin bedroom reflects the girls love of the beach. Beautifully coordinated with a pink, blue and green colour scheme, the space is fresh yet cosy and inviting. The gorgeous matching canopies adds a princess vibe to the beds.


Bright and Airy By painting the walls in a very pale pastel, and with plenty of natural light coming through the window, your daughter's room will have a soft dreamy feel. You can then add any soft feminine colour scheme they desire. A beautiful or whimsical chandelier or pendent light will add interest and some sparkle to the space.


Fantasy Bunk Beds This inbuilt bunk bed design is certainly impressive! This room does not come cheap, however it is inspirational. With it's gorgeous pink, green and orange colour scheme, it is fun, fresh and pretty. The daybed, cushions and bean bag are a great addition to any roomy pad. The pretty pendant lighting and circular trim add interest and individuality to the space.







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