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INVITING Guest Bedrooms

With the June long weekend just around the corner you may need to get your guest bedroom ready. A guest bedroom should be a comfortable, clean and inviting place for your visitors to stay. You are not just providing a room to stay, you have an opportunity to make people feel welcome and  have a lovely memorable experience. Here are a few tips for decorating your guest bedroom to keep your family and friends coming back.

Choose the Right Room - Ideally, a guest room is a bedroom with a bathroom attached or near by. It should be inconspicuously placed, so that guests don't need to cross the busiest parts of the house to get to it, and for privacy, it shouldn't be next to a child's room.

guest bedroom in green and blue

Decorate Sparingly - Rather than having a cluttered and dusty space, keep the room clean and clutter free. Avoid a lot of nick knacks. On a bedside table, place a few fresh cut flowers in a small simple vase, a small alarm clock, and a selection of books suited to your guests' tastes.

guest bedroom alarm clock

Outfit the Bed - Make up a queen bed with four ample sleeping pillows -- two medium or firm, and two soft. Use 100% cotton sheets, ironed for crispness. Provide both light and heavy blankets. The visitor can make the bed suit their personal preferences by making it warmer or cooler, with more or less pillows.

brown guest bedroom

Closets and Drawers - Make sure there is adequate drawer space, and a closet  with hangers. Use low maintenance furniture. Supply if possible, a full-length mirror, otherwise a smaller wall mirror to be used to apply make up and brush hair.

bedroom dressing table and mirror

Beside Lamps or Sconces - Don't let your guest trip over in the dark,  provide easy to reach table lamps or wall sconces. A night light in the bathroom or hallway is another helpful device to light the way for your guest in unfamiliar surroundings.

Cozy guest bedroom

Blackout Blinds - To prevent your guests from waking up at the crack of dawn, a blackout blind will do the trick and are inexpensive to buy and they can be framed with some ready made curtains panels.

Temperature Control - If you do not have air conditioning, at least provide a ceiling fan or pedestal fan for the warmer months. For the cooler months, if you don't have central heating, a small simple stand up oil heater will do the trick.

Convenient Power Point - Make sure your guest has access to a conveniently located power outlet so that they can recharge their phone, tablet or laptop.

Midnight Snack - A guest may wake up hungry during the night but feel too embarrassed to rummage through your fridge, therefore provide a small midnight snack such as fresh fruit and a muesli bar. A bottle or jug of spring water with a glass will also take care of their thirst.

Basket with toiletriesBathroom Essentials - If the bathroom is shared, clear space in it for guests' toiletries. Provide a fluffy towel, hand towel, bath mat, and face washer. After you've provided the basic necessities, consider some of these extra touches to make guests feel at home such as nice shampoo, conditioner, a new soap, or shower gel etc.