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High Impact Bathroom Ideas without the High Cost!

Being on a budget doesn't mean sacrificing style.

Remember these decorating tips that will have your bathroom looking up to date and in style.

8 low cost, high impact bathroom ideas

Use, Hang and Decorate

Instead of folding towels try rolling them and placing them on a large tray or in a box for a holiday feel. Another trick is to hang them up on heated towel rails - not only does this liven up a bare wall but it also makes your bathroom feel like a spa with toasty warm towels.

Light the way

Group simple candles together, either in a row or clustered together depending on your space. Some people use pendant lights to add some jazz to a lonely spot.


There's no need to buy huge bouquets of flowers to make an impact. A single stem of your favourite bloom or even a branch with beautiful leaves placed in a jar will look understated and elegant.


Scented oils will keep the bathroom smelling divine and inviting. Choose calming or reinvigorating oils to suit your mood.

Potions and lotions

While it's best to hide away unattractive bottles of half used products, empty perfume bottles and gorgeous jars grouped together look elegant and add visual interest.


Hand wash comes in some stunning packaging these days, look for refills to keep your favourite bottle topped up rather than buying new jars each time.


While putting your favourite most valuable artwork in the bathroom may not be for you, hanging a simple framed print (even of a postcard) adds a classical touch.

Stylish Storage

Even bathroom essentials like tissues, dish towels, and toilet paper can be attractive if displayed correctly. Use designer toilet roll holders and even robe hooks to maximise evey possible space

Freehand and Nearly Free


You don't have to update all of the features and decor in your bathroom to make a noticeable difference. In a small space like this, a bold statement will seem like a total bathroom makeover. If you or a friend are artistically inclined, you can update your bathroom for the cost of a couple of gallons of paint.

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