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His and Her Closet Organisation

The amount of space in your closet never seems to be enough whether you live in a small apartment or family home. If lack of space wasn't already an issue, having to share a closet with a significant other can take space restraints to a whole new level. Therefore, learning to manage your 'his and her' closet will ultimately allow you to maximise space, achieve organisation of overall avoid mess


Organising your closet

  1. Remove everything from the closet.
  2. Filter through the items and decide what should be stored elsewhere.
  3. Sort the remaining garments into 'his' and 'her' piles.
  4. Further divide these piles into seasonal items.
  5. Only keep garments pertaining to the season currently in session. Store the other pieces elsewhere. This will greatly increase the space in which you have to work.
  6. Now divide the closet space between yourselves. Women will commonly require more space than men as they usually own a larger range of garments, and hence dividing the closet directly down the middle will most likely be impractical.


3sZ5CqjQ_r8CuiWe7M5K5U9O-Jiuiu2iBISg04rpyxQTies and trousers 

Nothing can make a closet look like a mess like a bunch of ties and belts can. A tie rack is a handy way to keep everything organised. To keep all your trousers together in tidy fashion a top mounted trouser rack or a slide out trouser rack could be used.


Improvise storage options

There are a ton of storage products available on the market and some of them can be quite expensive. Of course, on the other hand, some of them can be quite practical and useful too. Some easy ways to save space and create organisation is to incorporate storage options such as pull out wardrobe baskets or pull out shoe storage baskets.

 pull out baskets

Keep it clean

The fastest way to ruin a well-organised closet is to become lazy once you have it separated and tidy. Don’t hang your clothes just anywhere in the closet; keep your items on your side of the fence. To ensure shirts and blouses don't fall off the hangers, button the shirt at the collar. Another important step to maintaining closet organisation is to keep the floor space clean and open. As soon as you begin to pile clothes and accessories upon the floor, any separation between you and your partner will dissipate. Overall, a well-organised closet requires work and dedication. If after a few months you notice that the lines separating the closet into its distinct sections begin to blur, re-establish the boundaries and organise the closet again.


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