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Home Design and Renovation Trends in 2017

When it comes to financial investment your home is probably one of the greatest you’ll have. Because of this, it is your most valuable asset. And there’s no better way to treat your investment than to give it the best makeover there is. This usually requires not only time and money but keeping up with the newest and hottest trends for home renovations. Even if you’re not in the loop about the home design and renovation trends in 2017, these pieces of advice will get you right on track.

1.     Eco- and energy-friendly homes


There’s a lot you can do for your home if you decide to use eco- and energy-friendly designs. One of their main features is being wallet-friendly too when it comes to energy consumption and monthly energy bills. Using sustainable materials, extra insulation, adding roof gardens and relaxed design elements will provide you with natural light and spare you the wasting of resources. Choosing the eco-friendly trend doesn’t mean giving up on appliances, but rather choosing the ones with the greenest and energy-saving options.


2.     Use space efficiently


The big trend in 2017 is adding space to your existing home. This is due to the fact that today’s buyers prefer more spacious homes. But this trend doesn’t mean you should take down the walls and create one big room, but rather renovate so that you keep your privacy by creating nooks where one can retreat with a book and niches to work on a laptop. Also, you can renovate the basement and attic, laundry room and pantry, thus giving a new dimension to your space without expanding.


3.     Natural materials


Terracotta floor tiles are making a comeback from the 80s, and you can use them for floors and walls. Their warm, natural look goes hand in hand with this year’s trend of using warmer tones and materials.

Also, finally wood has been given character by using darker tones for furniture, floors, and walls which will highlight even more the overall look of your interior. This trend is especially applied when upgrading bathrooms by combining modern and organic styles, thus creating a more natural flair without losing the clean lines.


4.     Welcoming garden


Garden makeover is one of the most promoted trends this year. The idea is to create a welcoming and warmer look with accentuating natural materials at the same time. You can renovate from scratch by using rubbish removal services to take care of all the unwanted materials and objects, as well as contacting nursery gardens for seedlings and advice on planting. Using recycled materials, stone and pebbles for decoration and creating pathways or steps will also give your garden that organic and natural look.

5.     Outdoor entertaining area


If you have a backyard, then you’re in an envious position since this year they are all the rage. Adding stone flooring and some interesting rustic decorations can help you achieve that relaxed, raw look which makes it an ideal space for entertaining guests or spending time with family playing outdoor games. If funds allow it, build a pool since there’s no better use of large outdoor spaces for hot summer days.

6.     Smart appliances


Little by little, new technologies have slowly crawled into everyday life activities. Although most of us can’t live without our phones, it seems that we will have a good reason not to. The trend this year is to have at least one smart appliance with Wi-Fi built in.

This means that you can turn on your air conditioning, washing machine or dishwasher with just one swipe of your finger on your phone. It goes as far as that your refrigerator can remind you what groceries to buy, and if you need some extra entertainment while performing house chores, you can use your voice to play music on Amazon Echo, for example.

7.     Green is IN


One more way to achieve a natural look and revitalise your home is to paint it. The Pantone’s 2017 colour of the year is Greenery, symbolising fresh starts and bringing homeowners closer to nature. Its vibrant spirituality and zesty texture combines urban architecture and rural elements into a harmonious elegance of modern charm and pursuit of naturalism.


It would be safe to conclude that this year’s trends are more nature-oriented and try to combine that which was not so long ago thought impossible to coordinate – modern design and the organic features of materials. Returning to more natural vibes while still using the contemporary benefits is certainly employing the best of both worlds in order to create a serene and welcoming environment for busy 21st-century individuals.

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