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Home library designs to warm you up this winter

With the winter days getting colder and darker, the idea of curling up on a couch with a blanket and book has never been so appealing. Do you have books piling up around the house and nowhere to put them? With some inspiration from fellow book enthusiasts, why not design and create a home library in a small space of your study, living area or bedroom that is otherwise wasted and give your precious collection the home it deserves.

Renovator_Store_Storage_LibraryHome libraries used to be a reflection of status and money. They were an extra room in the house for those that could afford it. Nowadays, home libraries are becoming more popular yet more versatile and sharing spaces with rooms never thought to house books.

You don’t need a large mansion or a quiet, separated, dainty room to construct your own home library. Think outside the square – all you need is a bookshelf and cosy atmosphere!

Renovator_Store_Storage_LibraryChoose where to locate your library.

This will depend a lot on your home layout and the amount of available space you have. A home library is ideally placed in a quieter area where there is minimal traffic and has enough room to house and enjoy your collection.

-       The wall behind your desk

-       The doorway of your study

-       The unused corner window

-       The small nook under your stairs

-       The endlessly high wall along the stairwell

-       The hallway wall

-       Above your lounge room windows


Renovator_Store_Storage_LibraryConsider the amount of books you have, remembering that you will need room to grow! As soon as your home library is set up, you will be surprised at the amount of new books you find yourself purchasing to add to the collection. When estimating the amount of space you need, take into consideration the weight of all of these. A flimsy DIY bookshelf is not going to be able to hold your A-Z collection of world encyclopaedias.



Choose a room theme

If in a separate space of its own, choose a colour pallet for the room. There is no need to opt for the musty green and dark brown colours that libraries used to be filled with. Choose colours that will promote a relaxing environment.


Add furniture

Ensure that you have a relaxing chair or couch that you can laze in and allow yourself to become absorbed in the world of your pages. A combination of natural and strong lighting is also highly necessary, especially if you are going to spend multiple hours reading at night. Renovator_Store_Storage_Library

Go vertical.

So much space is available above your windows and doorways and it is so often wasted and forgotten. It doesn’t matter if the shelves are not in reach, it is great storage space for books that you have already read or are never planning on opening. Invest in a traditional wooden ladder or a contemporary steel stepladder for practicality and to complete the look.


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