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Home Office designs that will get you working from home

These days, home office areas needn’t be a room entirely to themselves. It is becoming more and more common for the home computer and desk to be hidden under the stairs or in a nook to the side of the kitchen. Yet for the businessman or woman whom operates primarily from a home work place, it is still essential that ones home study is effective in fulfilling individual needs.

Successful storage is of upmost importance as is the locations within ones home, taking into account noise levels, accessibility and sunlight. Every individual demands different necessities from their home office area and so it is important to consider your essential needs and wants before digging into your pockets to renovate.

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An Integrated Home Office

Depending on the size of one's home or the importance of a private office area, the first decision is whether or not your home office area is going to consume the entirety of a room or be cohesive in a more communal area. Recently, it is on trend to have a small ‘Kitchen mothers desk’ where simple tasks such as checking emails and sorting school fees can be carried out whilst a more sufficient office space can be found in the spare bedroom or in a room all to itself. The positives in incorporating a small office hub in a common family area are seen in family situations where countless school notices and kids invitations are flooding in and need be separated from the business side of life. Takeaway menus, school artwork and recipes can be stored or on display, allowing for the real study area to be free from unnecessary clutter.



Personalise your workplace

Study areas need to be motivating and inspiring. They need to promote clear thinking through colours, lighting and your surroundings. When personalising your work space however, it is important not clutter the area but still sustain positive moods and energy by incorporating pictures, quotes, plants and deco. The colour palate chosen should match the needs and uses of the area. If your home work station is just a small desk for internet browsing, add colour, fun and texture. If it is more for business calls, accounting and serious work, stick to a more neutral palate with soft tones and black contrasts. The lighting is also important in that you don't want to be working in direct glare from overhead lighting for 8 hours a day yet you don't want to create unnecessary shadows from lamps placed on your desk. Don't overlook the benefit of natural light either however, be careful, as direct sunlight may become an issue at various times of the year.

Maximising your work space storage

The home office or workplace area is the collection point for all files, documents and discs obtained to then be channeled into sorting areas and stored, more or less, effectively. With such busy lives and minimal spare time, it is important that a simple storage system is employed and enough storage is available to keep up with the demand for stored 'stuff'. A fun and colourful way to store loose paper and important information is by installing a pin board, chalkboard or even magnetic board behind the desk. This way, paperwork is inhibited from piling up on the counter and information is displayed clearly and accessibly. Floating desks have become popular in the last few years as they are simplistic, allow for maximal space under the desk and one can decide if they want to go for the minimalist look with nothing underneath, or maximize storage opportunity with simple draw and shelving units. Also, add high shelves above, even if inaccessible for everyday use, as they can store those files from 10 years ago that you can't bring yourself to throwing out!

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