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Home Renovation Tips: 5 Secrets For Painting Like A Pro

Interior painting is one of the easiest and most preferred DIY projects. It is a quick and affordable way to freshen up your home, without needing any particular training. Of course, the professionals have the benefit of experience, but this doesn’t mean you can’t achieve professional results.

In theory, there is not much that can go wrong. However in reality, you are just one brush away from a disaster. Some of you might found the hard way that this seemingly breezy project can turn into a nightmare of spilled paint and endless cleaning.

Home Renovation Tips. 5 Secrets For Painting Like A Pro
Prep the Surface

Preparing the surface on which you are going to work is crucial for successful interior painting. You need to scrape, smooth, patch and repair each hole, dent, crack or other imperfection on the wall. This is not the most fun part of the process, but it’s necessary. It doesn’t matter what type, consistency or colour is the paint. It will not hide the flaws or replace this step.

Prime the Walls

In general, using primer on the surface is mandatory when dealing with bare drywell or when painting over a darker colour. But you can apply it on any project. There are several benefits to priming the surface. First, it stops the stains from penetrating through the walls and it allows applying only one paint coat. Most importantly, the primer makes the walls less prone to blistering and expands the life of the topcoat. The professionals also use the ingredient to enhance the coverage of the paint. The primer is tinted with a small amount of the topcoat painting. Be sure that both the topcoat and the primer have the same base (latex or oil).

Home Renovation Tips. 5 Secrets For Painting Like A Pro2
Canvas over Plastic

Save yourself the drama of cleaning the paint on your floor or furniture. Hire a professional and reliable cleaning help or replace the cheap plastic drop cloths with canvas ones. These are stronger and more durable. Canvases can also absorb the paint quickly and are easy to store. Unlike their plastic counterparts, they are not slippery and can be reused countless times.

Get the Right Equipment

Forget about the heavy and uncomfortable ladder. Why making it hard on yourself when there are far more convenient ways. Instead, invest in a telescoping extension pole for the paint roller. They come in different sizes, which makes them appropriate for almost any paint task. Pick extension poles that have rigid metal core and nonslip, soft rubber grip. The plastic handles are hard to control.
Ideally, you need as much paint on your brush as you can use without spattering. The last thing you want to do is clean up paint spills. Avoid the mess by getting a paint grid, instead of a tray. This is a simple rectangular metal or plastic screen that is attached to the bucket’s rim. The grid helps remove the excess paint.

Painting Techniques

The secret to streak – free interior painting is to preserve a wet edge. The paint should blend with the already treated areas without shadow lines. Start from the top and roll your way to the bottom. Prevent the roller tracks by applying more pressure on the unsupported side of the roller. You can avert the brush marks by adding some paint extender into the paint.

Want to update your home’s decor? Grab the brush and the paint cans and get a going!

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