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Home safety tips to keep your family safe

Protecting your family and creating a safe, comfortable home is a paramount concern. It's important to be prepared for any potentially hazardous situations that could arise in the home, as well as taking steps to prevent them from even happening in the first place. Read on to hear our tips on ensuring home safety:


Locks and bolts

Making sure your home is equipped with functioning door and window locks is one of the most obvious parts of ensuring home safety. This will obviously deter any potential intruders being able to gain access to the home. Make sure you get into the habit of keeping all the windows and locked whenever you leave the house. Mortice locks are a fantastic safety option.



Be vigilant about fire safety

Make sure your fire detectors are checked every three months, and that they contain functioning batteries. It's also always a great idea to keep a fire safety kit in the kitchen, incase of emergencies. A fire blanket can be an important safety fixture for your home, and can easily tackle dangerous situations such as stove fires.  You should always make sure that any fires, from the stove to open fire places are never left unattended. For more tips on fire safety, click here.

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Lighting options

Having a house with a well-lit presence, especially at night, can be an effective security measure. Having motion sensor lights can deter intruders from attempting a break-in. Strong lights for the back yard will boost your sense of security, whereas subtle lights in the front yard will give an understated and discrete feel of comfort.

home safety lighting


Landscaping matters

It's always a safer idea to limit large trees and leafy bushes upon the entry of your house. Having a neat, clean and tidy front yard gives an 'open' appearance, and means that possible intruders aren't able to hide behind foliage.

home safety landscaping

Social media habits 

In this day and age, you never know who could be monitoring your online habits. Be careful not to share too much information about the location of your house, photos of the interior, or splash details online about lavish purchases.

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Do you have any home safety measures that we've missed? Share them in the comment section below!