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Home theatre themes you'll lust over

It wasn’t until celebrities had given us the idea of built-in home theatres that we’d even thought about the idea of enjoying our favourite movies and shows on a big screen in the privacy of our own homes (after all, the hype of going to the movies has always been the thrill, right?). But, with luxurious ideas come luxurious actions – so why wouldn’t we enjoy the benefits of lavishness! A little extravagance has never hurt anyone, now has it?

With that in mind, we’ll agree that there comes a point in every person’s life (if you’ve got the money and space for it, that is) when you have to decide where and how to install a home theatre system to define your fabulous cave. It might seem like an easy thing to do – yet another fancy room in the house to spruce up – but, it may be a tad harder than that.

First things first, before you even start thinking about furniture, it’s crucial that you decide on a theme to go with. Here are just a few suggestions to get you in the right mood:

popcorn home theatre


When in doubt go sci-fi

Have you ever dreamed about being aboard a spaceship? Sure you have, at least for a second! Well, guess what - now, it doesn’t even have to be a dream anymore because you can make your home theatre look like it belongs on a sci-fi set. The perfect location for it would be your basement, and it’ll give you that special feel when watching the next blockbuster.

home theatre design star trek

Make it modern

The coolest part of putting together your own home theatre is that you get to pick bits and pieces you need the most. Finally, you’ll have an excuse to hide that crack in the wall you were ogling for the past month. To modernise your home, you’ll have to make a list of essentials for the system. But remember, the more cables you have, the less pretty your home will be. Keep everything wireless (or stylishly hidden) if possible - it’ll spice up your room.

home theatre pinterest Pinterest

Man cave-it

Watching movies on a home theatre system is so two-thousand late. Pick up the pace and turn your man cave into the ultimate gaming experience. Throw in a couple more surround speakers and you’ll create a space that’ll immediately draw you in into the game itself (like you wouldn’t want to be in a game for real, anyways). With virtual reality becoming the next best thing, it’s going to give home theatre systems a new definition. Even if you’re not all that great at gaming, who cares! You’ll have loads of fun in your brand new spanking gaming corner.

man cave home theatre ideas Jeffrey King Interiors

Keeping it classy

If you’re the person who enjoys watching a movie regularly, then it’s about time you transformed one of your spare rooms into a home theatre delight. Mind you, there’ll be a lot of work, but, in the end, it’s going to be more than worth it. Even if you’re struggling with little space, it’s possible to hook everything up. It’ll be perfect when re-watching old movies or getting a delightful kick out of enjoying the La La Land experience!

Pinterest Pinterest


Make your home theatre count, especially when running low on space in your home. Why not double the purpose of the room? Cleverly disguise a simple art gallery within your home theatre room. It’s great to express your artsy side which can further improve the overall feel. Just make sure to invite people over as well, otherwise it’ll seem lonely.

man cave home theatre idea

Finding the perfect theme for your home theatre takes time. Don’t rush it because you might spend a ton of money on something you might regret, and it could ruin move nights forever. Pick something that complements your home and fits in snuggly. Then again, go wild and give your home a long overdue makeover it deserves. Your home theatre should reflect how you feel about watching movies, or enjoying a game. Just make sure to have friends over to share the fun with!


Stacey Cooper

About the author:
Stacey Cooper is an business consultant with genuine love for home improvement and decor.
She is a full-time mom with passion for writing and providing useful tips how to make your house home sweet home. She enjoys reading and cooking for her family and friends

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