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Hottest Shower Grates of 2017 – Sleek, Practical and ‘Grate’

Much discussion and debate arises over the increasingly demanding interest in linear shower grates verse centre waste drainage systems. But why? Stainless steel shower grates endorse an industrial, sleek and minimalist look whilst promoting practicality and cost efficiency. Have you been after an easy cleaning shower drain solution that is both cost effective to install and on trend for 2017 bathroom style? Look no further than the Renovator Stores contemporary and modern range of ‘Aguzzo’ shower grates and save yourself hundreds!


Aguzzo Linear Shower Grates

Aguzzo Shower grates are made from 100% thick marine grade stainless steel with no plastic components and are manufactured in Australia to Australian Watermark Standards. They can be ordered in standard sizes or custom made to fit to suit your drainage needs. One of the primary benefits in installing an Aguzzo shower grate is that they save you and your tiler both time and money when it comes to installation.

How are they saving me money?

Have you ever wondered how on earth your tiler can be charging mammoth amount in labour and material costs when you inspect your shower and find half of your expensive tiles wasted and a mix-mash mosaic covering the floor? Installing centre waste drainage is a timely and ineffective way of getting the most out of your tile quantity. Tilers must grade, bed, grout and tile on multiple angles to create a central drainage point which often involves an excessive amount of cut up, oddly shaped tiles and plenty of waste. When installing a linear grate drain, however, all tiles are simply angled down one gradient with little or no cutting needed. Therefore, taking labour and material cost into account, it often works out to be far more economical to install a linear shower grate, not to mention the improved contemporary look!

bathroom shower grates


Bathroom-shower-drain-wasteAre they practical?

The Aguzzo stainless steel shower grates contain a stainless steel base drainage tray and stainless steel removable insert. This makes the cleaning process remarkably simple, regardless of the style chosen. Available in solid, slotted, and tile-inserted designs, all of the Aguzzo shower grate ranges are of minimalist design and industrial durability. Made from 304 stainless steel, your Aguzzo shower grate will never rust, nor will it weaken after prolonged periods of heavy foot traffic. Aguzzo shower grates can be ordered in standard sizes or custom made to fit any length that suits your bathroom, wet area or even poolside decking.

Be warned...

When shopping for shower grates, it is important to make sure that you are getting high quality 304 stainless steel products that are of watermarked approval and include easy to clean inserts that will protect you against damage and deterioration. It is also important that you are not fooled into spending thousands by the many companies and distributers out there who charge outrageous amount for very similar products!

The simplest way to ensure that you are buying the highest quality products at the most competitive prices is to visit and check out their advanced and unique range of shower grates that will be sure to suit all your wants and needs! Add excitement and value to your bathroom today!


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