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These doors can transform your home

The old door...We know it might not be the most exciting part of your home design, but it's the vital gateway to your abode. For this reason, doors deserve attention.

The front door

The front door is the focal point of your home's entire exterior. It makes an impression on people, and draws the eye of the passerby. If you feel like the exterior of your house could use with some freshening up, replacing your main entry point is a great DIY project. For something new, opt for a door that has glass panels. Your corridor or rooms that open up to the passage way will reap the benefits of light streaming through the door.

doors can transform your home

Bi-fold doors 

Bi-fold doors have the ability to completely transform space within your home. Sleek, stylish and functional, bi-folds will create the largest possible opening for any door. Bi-folds are a fantastic option for the back of the house, maximising space and instantly creating an entertaining vibe in your home.

bi-fold doors

Internal doors

Do all your internal doors carry the same look and feel? If you feel they could use a freshen up, why not apply a new coat of paint, or change your door handles? Changing door handles has the ability to transform your existing tired old doors. Door handles can either add a bold statement, or a subtle and harmonious finish to a room.

internal doors pinterest

Black doors

Have you ever considered using a door as a statement piece to an area? Consider painting your door black. By doing this, you can make your ceilings look higher, and add a glossy shine to a room. Black fittings are very on-trend, and a black door would be fantastic at picking up other black accents you may have in your house. Not only are black doors classic and timeless - but they also hide fingerprints and also work well if you're wanting to downplay a particular door.


internal doors Bo Bedre

Kitchen cabinet doors

Replacing your kitchen cabinets can be a great way to upgrade your kitchen if it's looking a bit tired. Again, this doesn't have to be a massive task. DIY tasks, such as changing door handles on your cabinets, or applying a fresh coat of paint can rejuvenate the whole feel of your kitchen. We love this soft, muted grey look for the kitchen.

kitchen cabinet colour ideas Pinterest
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