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How to decorate a long, narrow room

The 'corridor effect' is the name given to a long, narrow room in which space is not utilised efficiently and instead, the room becomes more a corridor than anything else.  When gathering ideas for your new home, interior design and decorating often provides the most fun. Every magazine you browse through or pinterest board that you gain inspiration from always contain perfect proportioned rooms and designs. But how do you turn an awkward, cramped bathroom into a functional space? Or how do you position the couches in your long narrow lounge room?

Clever Storage Ideas

The first step to making great use of any space is to use clever storage designs to decrease clutter and maximise space. This doesn’t mean you have to spend hundreds on the latest storage inventions but rather think wisely about floor space and alternative options. A great way of freeing up some highly valuable floor space is to mount lamps and lighting fixtures on the wall rather than have bulky floor standing units. Wall mounted shelving units are also much more space conscious than floor standing ones. Replace your bedside table with some wall-mounted cabinetry and keep the space below clean and open.

Wall-mounted-light-lamp-storage-space Wall-mounted-light-lamp-storage-space Wall-mounted-light-lamp-storage-space

Break up the Space

A long narrow lounge room can often turn into an unused hallway if the space is not used efficiently. When a couch, chair and table are all placed along one wall with a TV unit opposite, it very clearly defines a one-use room that can be difficult to juggle two people wanting to carry out two different activities. This is what we call the 'corridor effect'. Instead, break up the space with your furniture. Use your couch to separate TV space from dining by simply turning it into a low-rise partition.

couch-partition-desk-narrow-lounge narrow-lounge-couch-awkward-space couch-study-desk-narrow-lounge

Add Texture

The use of textures creates detail and interest to the eye. This will detract from room size and enhance room detail. By covering a couch in different textured cushions, throwing a rug down on the floor and hanging some art on the wall instantly adds layers and space to a room. Hanging a mirror is another clever trick to creating an illusion of more space. If possible try to hang your mirror opposite a window or open doorway so that the reflection looks light and bright. Even incorporating one colour in many different shades will create a combination of layers and textures that will give the illusion of space.


couch-texture-fluff-material-pattern-raw couch-texture-fluff-material-pattern-raw

Light & Bright

Try to avoid drowning your windows in dark heavy curtains or drapes. This will draw attention to the end of your room and make it feel small and cramped. Instead, light and airy opaque drapes will keep your room light and bright not create such a border between inside and out.

light-drapes-airy-bright-curtain light-drapes-airy-bright-curtain

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