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How to Get the Best Heated Towel Rails

Heated towel rails are a luxury addition to any bathroom.  If you get cold winters, there’s nothing better than warm fluffy towels after a bath or shower.  Even on humid days or in hot areas, a towel warmer will ensure that your towels are dry rather than damp.

Whether you’re updating your bathroom or building a new home, consider these suggestions for selecting heated towel rails.


Stainless Steel vs. Chromed or Painted Brass

Anything in your bathroom is exposed to water and moisture. It is essential to choose a towel rail that is less prone to rust, and stainless steel is far more resistant to oxidation. Stainless steel is also superior as it is harder and has no coating that can peel or bubble which can occur in time with chrome.

Since you’re after durability, what you want is the 304-grade heavier duty stainless steel rather than the cheaper 201-grade.


Style: Go for Safety and Efficiency

Heated towel rails are available in round, square, and flat bar styles. Get one that looks best for your bathroom, but if possible choose a towel rack that also functions better.

Remember that the larger the surface area that is against a towel, the more effective it will heat it.  We tested a 100-w flat bar rail that maximises this contact area versus a 100-w round bar rail.  The result was no surprise: The flat bar was materially faster to dry a towel.

Also, although they produce the same overall heat, as they are both 100 watts, the flat bars were less hot to touch because of their larger surface area.  This is because the overall heat is dissipated from a larger surface area.  So, interestingly the flat bar models heat more effectively, and yet are not as hot to the touch making it safer for children.  They usually cost a bit extra as there is materially more steel used in the unit, but these benefits are worth the extra cost if you like the style.  Click here to see the flat bar models on Renovator Store.


 Choosing Towel Rail Size

The size of your heated towel rail will depend on the available wall space and how you will use it.  Pick a size that’s appropriate for your bathroom wall and will comfortably fit the number and size of towels you wish to hang.  A 750-mm wide towel ladder typically is the minimum width to fit two folded standard towels side by side.  A 900-mm electric towel warmer will easily fit most requirements.

Vertical heated towel rails come in 180mm (width) x 1200mm (height) and 200mm (width) x 1400mm (height).


If wall width or space is limited, you may consider the vertical towel warmer or the freestanding heated towel rack which you can move as needed.


Towel Rail Finish

Polished stainless steel or chrome matches most modern bath ware.  Get them if you wish to go the more classic way and want that shiny appearance.  If you’re after a bolder look then a matte black towel ladder can be a real feature.  Black against white or any light colour will always be a standout.


Wiring: Plug-In or Hard-Wired?

If you can hardwire your heated towel rail it will look much cleaner as no wires or plugs will show.  But if that is not possible in your situation then many models also allow you to simply plug it in.

If you are concealing the power wire, consult an electrician as they are required to connect it to a wall switch or timer.  Renovator Store sells a full-featured heated towel rail controller that you can program to turn on and off when you want.


Installing a Heated Towel Rail

When hard-wiring, decide on which corner of the unit you want the wire to enter the wall.  Closest to the wall switch or timer switch is usually the best, but an electrician can advise.

Look for simpler installation systems that are available.  The products team at Renovator Store recommends the EZY-FIT system by Aguzzo, as once the electrician has done his power connection a small plug will protrude from the wall once the wall is completed.  The unit can then be plugged into this and then anchored to the wall by any trade or DIY enthusiast.  Most units require an electrician to return so he can wire the unit to the in-wall power upon installation—and another call out by an electrician is never cheap!


Get More Help

We hope these tips can help you choose the best heated towel rail for your bathroom. You may also want to read more tips on this topic at  You can always seek advice from the helpful Customer Service team at Renovator Store on (03) 9544-3003 or 1800-RENOSTORE, or thru

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