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How to Improve your Interior

"Beauty is only Skin Deep". A saying that reflects how society yearns for inner beauty versus the superficial, physically seen, eye-pleasing cosmetic appearance.

Most would appreciate a person with congenial and amiable manners, rather than a stunning, gorgeous appearance coupled with a nasty attitude. This goes the same for houses too. While we are all busy with most of the aesthetic renovations, let us not forget that it is our house interiors we use the most to relax and spend time with family and friends.

kitchen island with tap


There are a lot of things we can do economically to improve our home interiors. If you have the time and vision, inexpensive cosmetic changes can completely redefine your interior living areas.

Improve your Home's Lighting

Make sure you have the right lights for the right parts of your house (here are tips on Lighting techniques for your home). The wrong hues and tones may give the wrong feel, and the right ones will make your home more comfortable, cosy and practical. Task lighting can be used to invigorate your kitchen. Also, simply cleaning your light bulbs can improve their output by up to 20%.

Fix your floor

If you have an old carpet, give it a steam clean - or if it's too worn out, take a peek and see if the floor boards underneath might be worth polishing up. If you already have boards, give them a wax and polish. Likewise, resealing a stone floor can get rid of scratches and make it look like it's new again. Vinyl or lino can also be replaced pretty cheaply.

Refresh your bathroom

modern bathroom

New handles are a great and easy way to make your bathroom look fresh again. New tapware will also make a massive difference. If your thinking changing your taps are pricey, think again! There are a lot of untapped sources for designer quality fixtures that surprisingly wouldn't cause you an arm and a leg. Try online stores like . You'd be surprised with the designer items at the fraction of the cost.  If you have a nice old bathtub, you may also consider getting them resurfaced - this is normally much cheaper than replacing them, and will make them look like new.

Refresh your Kitchen

Bench seen better days? You can install a veneer (laminate or otherwise) over an existing benchtop and resurface it for a fraction of the cost of replacing it - and you can also do the same with many cabinets. New cabinet handles or tapware will also lift the room.

Paint the Walls and Ceiling

A fresh coat of paint can completely change a house. Choosing lighter colours will help to reflect more light. If you're looking to spruce the walls and ceiling up further, you could even consider installing some mouldings. Buying second hand from a salvage merchant may help you save some money on this.

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